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Sep 8, 2015

“NORDIC INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL” (NIFF) a new Nordic/Scandinavian film festival held in New York at the “Nordic Center”/Scandinavia House sponsored by FACE Stockholm and supported by the Scandinavian Consulates will be held October 31h through November 1st 2015.

NIFF is a new film festival founded by multi award winning filmmaker Johan Matton and award winning actor and filmmaker Linnea Larsdotter 2015.

NIFF receives over 40 film submissions each month since it’s launch early 2015 and now has over 200 quality Nordic and International short and feature films submitted. Only a very few selected films will be nominated in the Official Selection which will screen at “Victor Borge Hall” at the renowned Scandinavia House on October 31h and November 1st. The 2nd day November 1st will be a full day including the highlights of the festival as well as the Red Carpet, Q and A with the film makers and the Gala/Award ceremony in the evening where the winners will be announced in each category. The event will be covered by photographers from Getty Images and Access New York which will film and interview the film makers during the Red Carpet and during the Q and A’s after the screenings.

“We wanted an international film festival with focus on independent films from all over the world but with a special category that will nominate the Best Nordic Short and Feature Film”.

Johan Matton, Festival Director

“We are very excited to have this opportunity to show case so many incredible films from both established and new film makers. We have gotten a great selection of A-list actors and directors from all over the world and we hope as many of them as possible will have the chance to attend, together with a film-loving audience. The event is free and we welcome everyone to come and enjoy great Nordic and International Independent films during our 2 day event” – Linnea Larsdotter

The full program and films selected to compete at the festival will be announced on September 20th.

John Matton

Festival Director

Nordic International Film Festival e. [email protected]

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