NOWwhere Announces Official Launch of NOWstudios, a Global Production Studio for Artists and Brands

Press Release

Apr 21, 2022

NOWstudios, a creative hub for collaboration, designed by industry leaders with experience creating content for brands like Apple, Disney, Ikea, and Warner Brothers.

NOWwhere is thrilled to announce the launch of NOWstudios, a state-of-the-art production studio focused on elevating emerging and established artists in the digital space. NOWstudios is led by a team with experience across a multitude of disciplines, including VR, 360 filmmaking, 3D, stop-motion, live-action and animation production. 

Designed by artists for artists, NOWstudios is a globally focused, full-service production company acting as a full supply chain for artists and brands. From initial education into Web 3 and NFTs, to marketing and enabling collaborations between artists, NOWstudios is engaged in the lifelong career of artists and projects. The team specializes in bridging the gap between the traditional and digital art worlds, providing a gateway for all artists into the Metaverse.

NOWstudios empowers artists, helping with everything from drop strategy to designing virtual galleries to showcase their art. NOWstudios works with artists and creators to expand their following with marketing material and campaigns tailored to each individual, as well as onboarding existing fans onto the NOWwhere platform.

The unique design of the NOWwhere Smart Contract data schema allows for extraction of real-time data, providing market insights and trend predictions, that informs promotional campaigns and provides the tools to protect lifetime revenue through smart contracts. 

NOWstudios also operates as an outsourced production company for individuals, brands, and companies looking to develop and produce promotional or entertainment-related content on the blockchain.

NOWwhere remains focused on revolutionizing the art industry, supporting the next generation of creators with education, infrastructure and opportunity.

For additional information, please visit the Company’s Website or YouTube Channel or Lite Paper.

For press inquiries: [email protected]

For artist inquiries: [email protected]

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