Pro Photographer Develops a Course That Will Change the Way You Take Natural Light Portraits

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updated: Nov 13, 2016

Top photographer and instructor Karl Taylor launches his eagerly anticipated “The Naked Camera” online course for photographers worldwide.

Karl’s delighting creative enthusiasts and advanced photographers by revealing his key steps to successfully capturing outstanding natural light portraits, without the use of expensive lighting and heavy studio equipment.

Best known for his exciting and dynamic studio photography using the very best studio equipment available to professionals, Karl decided enough was enough!

“Photographers need to stop using their equipment as an excuse for poorly shot photographs.”  Karl

As its title suggests “The Naked Camera” photography course hones the creative and instinctive skills of student and reveals crucial key steps that other photographers simply miss.

Students learn to manipulate and master the natural light available in any given situation, seek out top locations and compositions, overcome environmental challenges and manage models and subjects with complete confidence.

And the photographic results speak for themselves!

Karl definitely proves his point by shooting a stunning collection of natural light portraits using a standard 35mm DSLR and absolutely no heavy studio gear.

Check out course availability and photography results on Karl’s photography blog.

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Jon Bairds
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Source: Karl Taylor Photography

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