Psychic Jane Voneman DuPerow Does Celebrity Predictions

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updated: Mar 21, 2017

Jane Voneman -DuPerow, Step Mother of Courtney Duperow, Cycle 22 of America’s Next Top Model and Author, T.V. show host and App developer of the app Spirit Dice is a highly sought out Psychic and Medium. Her website is and she has done letters of predictions for the Queen of England and has been accurate in the past on her predictions on her You Tube video’s of Ahston Kutcher..

Jane Voneman-DuPerow is one of the top Psychic and Mediums in the U.S. She did celebrity predictions on her YouTube videos and she was accurate on her Brad Pitt predictions and Ashton Kutcher predictions for celebrities. Jane is an Author, T.V. show “Honor the Magic Within” and she has an app in the marketplace called ‘Spirit Dice’. Her website is and she has been doing readings for a total of fourteen years professionally. Jane has been a Psychic all of her life. She hears and sees visions for the people that she needs to help and for her clients that come to her. 

Jane has gotten world predictions accurately and she predicted President Trump would win before anyone knew he would ever be a winner and even a candidate. 

It takes lot’s of hard work and some magic to get to where you want to be. Be the Magic!!!

Jane Voneman-DuPerow, Psychic and Medium, Founder of the app Spirit Dice

Jane also channeled a letter from the Queen of England’s Father in Spirit and wrote it to the Queen of England. She has saved it to give to her. 

Jane is very accurate and has done thousands of readings. She also would like more downloads on her app Spirit Dice and she has written movies that she would like Producers to consider because she channeled them as box office smash hits. 


Source: Jane Voneman-DuPerow

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