Robert Deshaies II’s New Book ‘The Streets Ran Red’ Is A Chilling Pursuit For Justice Along A Murder Case In Bloodstained Streets

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updated: Feb 12, 2021

Robert Deshaies II, writer, poet, and lover of all literature; has completed his most recent book “The Streets Ran Red”: a riveting tale about Clark, a detective who had no choice but to go home and investigate the mysteries that are piling up in this homicide case.

Robert writes, “A lone detective returns to a home left long ago. Burdened by a haunted soul from a life of murder and madness, Clark Brass is reined home by the death of his old employer, Donald Kilkenny. Returning to the British Isles, the family Brass served for years offers him the job to solve the murder of his dear friend, in hopes of discovering his real tragic end. During his investigation, the red-filled streets across England consume Brass’s mind, only for him to uncover the murder has inconceivably sinister revelations and consequences.”

Published by Fulton Books, Robert Deshaies II’s book is an absorbing novel that will pull the readers into a game of madness and killings as Detective Brass sleuths his way to bringing justice to these endless crimes.

Readers who wish to experience this brilliant work can purchase “The Streets Ran Red” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes and Noble.

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Source: Fulton Books

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