Steven Diamond, Tiger King Star, Announces Launch of Website and Stress Management Training Course

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Apr 26, 2022

Las Vegas, NV — ( Steven Diamond, known world-wide for his recent appearance on the hit Netflix TV series “Tiger King 2 – The Doc Antle Story” was a world famous Las Vegas magician who has performed in more than 30 nations and entertained millions of people, silently suffered with an undiagnosed illness that brought him to the brink of suicide. 

It wasn’t until age 30 and a life-threatening breakdown while performing with the world famous Osmond brothers that he was finally diagnosed with obsessive-compulsive disorder, acute anxiety, dyslexia and manic depression. After decades of therapy and an appearance on NBC’s “The Jane Pauley Show” he began receiving tens of thousands of emails from anxiety suffers reaching out for help. Realizing the need for an affordable program which at the time did not exist, he began his journey to create the first version of his now popular online digital training program. teaches skills, not pills. “We live in a world that conditions people too look for the easy fix. But what happens when the pills run out or your body becomes immune to the effects of those pills? I’ve learned the hard way that learning the key skills to manage your stress and anxiety makes a huge difference and ultimately serves you far better in the long run.” Diamond says.

Today, Diamond speaks to corporations and groups teaching people how to cope with their anxiety and stress in an engaging interactive talk entitled: “What the Tigers Taught Me” Also the name of his podcast available on Apple, Spotify and Google. For more information please visit: (

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