Tractors and Brews: Come Celebrate California’s Agricultural Heritage With Food, Drink, Music, Art, and More

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Jun 6, 2016

The California Agriculture Museum will be holding Tractors and Brews from 6 PM to 9 PM on Thursday, June 16th at 1962 Hays Lane in Woodland. The museum’s annual fundraiser showcases a tractor reveal, folk band Biscuits ‘n’ Honey, and Jeff Myers with his paintings of tractors. The evening punctuates the community’s contributions that supported redesigning the museum. The new arrangement sets the stage to tell stories that highlight the historical and economic significance of tractors.

“The evening celebrates a long tradition of agriculture’s summer celebrations,” Board President Rusty Lucchesi says. “I want people to enjoy themselves and experience how relevant collecting and agriculture is to our lifestyle today.” There will be a cash bar featuring a signature drink showcasing distilled grains that celebrates California’s heritage as a grain producing state. Guests can support the museum by purchasing a take-home “bottomless” glass with endless refills or purchase beer, wine, or the signature drink by the glass. Food and drink samples will be provided from favorite businesses such as Lagunitas Brewing Company, Carvalho Family Winery, and Buckhorn.

Come to the California Agriculture Museum party on June 16th from 6 PM to 9 PM at 1962 Hays Lane in Woodland! Take the first Woodland exit traveling north on I-5. Event proceeds benefit the California Agriculture Museum. Our evening fundraising goal is to raise enough funds to purchase an electrical vehicle to transport visitors through 45,000 square feet of gallery space. Tickets are $50 each and are available online at or at the museum, open from Wednesday to Saturday from 10:00 to 5:00 and Sunday from 10:00 to 4:00.

About the California Agriculture Museum (CalAgMuseum):  The Museum is a place to gather around art exhibits, kids and adult activities, and hundreds of old iron tractors, harvesters, and horse drawn wagons and artifacts. It highlights stories from down on the farm that illuminate what it was like for California pioneers 100 years ago. The galleries and courtyard punctuate the significance of agriculture and the innovation that evolved yesterday and today. 

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Source: California Agriculture Museum

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