Users Can Now Add Emotions to Their Links. Rebrandly Takes Custom Links to the Next Level

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updated: Nov 14, 2016

Rebrandly has launched a beta version of their latest feature: The ability to add emojis to custom short links!

Currently, Rebrandly is the easiest way to create and share short links with a custom domain name. As a natural progression, a new feature now gives people a fourth way to personalize links with their tool:

Adding your brand to your links is like signing it, you stand for what you share. Adding an emoji is like
adding your emotions, which is a big step in the link evolution. Everybody should be able to fully personalize the
links they share.

Davide De Guz, Founder

With this beta version, Rebrandly will be gathering feedback from users and testing across platforms. Developing this feature has many technical challenges and they are working hard at quickly making emoji-fied links compatible with all platforms. Currently, it is compatible with most platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn and Skype. The goal is to make it function optimally on all platforms, including Twitter. It is just a matter of time (

Using emoji-fied links is a fresh and cool way to share content. It has the ability to add emotion to links, to communicate more with less, and to stand out with more than just words. This is a huge step in the evolution of to share and interact with links.

Rebrandly emoji-fied links are the most complete link one can share, and the ones that are going to stand out from the rest.

Media contacts:
• PR manager, Sian Lloyd: [email protected]
• Founder: Davide De Guz: [email protected] +393388691424

Source: Rebrandly

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