VR Adult Videos Eliminates the Desire for Dating Says VR Bangers

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updated: Jul 10, 2017

The entire human species depends on the concepts of courtship and procreation. Those dating rituals are learned and refined with experience but social norms are changing rapidly and the desire for human contact appears to be waning in ways that previous generations never experienced. It’s one thing to constantly be looking at your phone so you can update your Facebook status, but it’s something entirely different to be turning down dates so you can go home to enjoy virtual reality adult solo.

“We have gotten a few messages from people saying that our video is actually ruining their dating lives,” admitted Daniel Abramovich. “At first we looked at it as a source of pride, considering the fact that our VR adult videos on VRBangers.com are so life-like and engaging that people in some cases prefer the freedom of engaging in VR adult video content over the complications of getting an actual girlfriend or wife. However, we are now thinking more deeply about the topic and have started to implement some ideas that will hopefully help to address what may others become a more serious societal issue.”

For starters, VR Bangers is now including more dialogue, preamble and epilogue content. “We want our virtual reality videos to give our audience an experience that is as similar to the real thing as possible, and that needs to include context beyond the type of action that we already won awards for filming. The goal is to have VR videos enhance relationships and for couples to enjoy our content together as a way to expand their sexuality. Now we believe we are on the path toward accomplishing all of that and the fan feedback agrees.”

VR Bangers believes there are a lot of benefits to VR videos over relations with another person. VR prevents the spread of STIs, makes an unplanned pregnancy impossible and allows for quick escapes into alternate realities that inspire fantasies. Now those benefits are being coupled together with the benefits of real relationships in ways that should lead to healthier, fuller and far more satisfying personal lives. See for yourself at www.VRBangers.com (Must be 18+ or over) today.

Source: Virtual Reality Bangers

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