World Parkinson’s Program Holding Muhammad Ali Memorial Seminar

Press Release

Oct 4, 2016

World Parkinson’s Program is holding a Parkinson’s seminar to pay tribute to Muhammad Ali, the world renowned boxer and the most famous Parkinson’s patient. The event will be on Saturday, November 5 from 1:30 – 3:30 PM at the Bendale Library, located at 1515 Danforth Rd, in Scarborough, Toronto. John Baumann, a motivational speaker from Florida will be speaking via web link at this event.

A large number of Parkinson’s patients, caregivers and other members of Parkinson’s and healthcare community will be attending this event. “This seminar will not only help raise awareness about Parkinson’s disease but will also provide motivation to Parkinson’s patients to fight the disease with the same courage as Muhammad Ali,” says Armand Gilks, chair of the World Parkinson’s Program. Gilks said that social events like World Parkinson’s Program’s seminar also serve as a platform for patients to share their personal experiences with each other about this progressive neurological condition.

Nadeem Hussain, the executive director of the World Parkinson’s Program said that motivational speeches and lectures about Parkinson’s disease would be delivered in this seminar. He expects this event to bring the Parkinson’s community together.

World Parkinson’s Program is Canadian based non-profit organization founded by a senior Canadian Parkinson’s expert Dr. A. Q. Rana in 2008. World Parkinson’s Program currently has local chapters around the world and aims to improving the lives of those affected with Parkinson’s. World Parkinson’s Program is the only Parkinson’s organization that provides medications, walking aids and educational literature about Parkinson’s disease in more than 20 languages for the needy Parkinson’s patients around the world.

Source: World Parkinson’s Program

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