Alliance American University Grants Honorary Doctorates to International Luminaries

WILMINGTON, DELAWARE, USA, December 28, 2023 / — Alliance American University is proud to announce the conferment of Honorary Doctorate degrees upon an illustrious group of eminent personalities from across the globe. The esteemed recipients represent a diverse range of professions, including auditors, business coaches, nutritionists, academicians, classical dancers, and social activists. These individuals have demonstrated exceptional dedication and made significant contributions to their respective fields, leaving an indelible mark on society.

The Honorary Doctorate recipients for this prestigious award include:

Dr. Bello, Sikiru Adeniyi, Chief Internal Auditor, Nigeria
Ms. Betty Bogonko, Medical Sales Delegate (Nutritionist), Kenya
Mr. Manu Varghese, Director Academics, UAE
Mrs. Ananya Patnaik, Parenting Coach & Mompreneur mentor, India
Mr. Debabrata Roy, Classical Dance, India
Mr. Yaroslav Vasylyuk, Social Activist, Ukraine
Ms. Olga Zwerling, Business, Poland
Mr. Richard Zaneli, Business, Israel
Ms. Nada Jaffer, CEO, Lebanon

Alliance American University recognizes the outstanding achievements and remarkable impact these individuals have had on their respective fields. The Honorary Doctorate is a testament to their unwavering commitment to excellence and their significant contributions to the betterment of society.

Ms. Betty Bogonko, a distinguished Nutritionist from Kenya, has dedicated her career to promoting healthy living and nutrition awareness. Her groundbreaking work has positively impacted communities and individuals, creating a lasting legacy in the field of nutrition.

Dr. Bello, Sikiru Adeniyi an accomplished Chief Internal Auditor from Nigeria, is recognized for his exceptional contributions to the field of auditing, setting the highest standards of professionalism and integrity. His work has not only elevated the auditing profession but has also contributed to building trust in financial systems.

Mr. Manu Varghese, an esteemed Academician from the UAE, has played a pivotal role in shaping the education landscape. His dedication to academic excellence and innovation has inspired countless students and educators alike.

Mrs. Ananya Patnaik, a renowned Mompreneur mentor and Parenting coach for special needs children, India, has been a guiding force for numerous women entrepreneurs and moms with special needs children, fostering growth and success through her insightful coaching and mentorship.

Mr. Debabrata Roy, a maestro in Classical Dance from India, has enriched the cultural tapestry through his captivating performances and tireless efforts in preserving and promoting the classical arts.

Mr. Yaroslav Vasylyuk, a dedicated Social Activist from Ukraine, has tirelessly worked towards social justice and community development, leaving an indelible mark on the lives of those he has touched.

Ms. Olga Zwerling, an accomplished Business professional from Poland, has demonstrated exceptional leadership and business acumen, contributing significantly to the economic landscape.

Mr. Richard Zaneli, a visionary Business leader from Israel, has been a driving force behind innovative business practices, making a substantial impact on the global business community.

Ms. Nada Jaffer, a trailblazing CEO from Lebanon, has shown exemplary leadership in the corporate world, breaking barriers and inspiring others to reach new heights.

This momentous occasion will be marked by a distinguished gathering of academic and industry leaders, honouring these exceptional individuals for their outstanding contributions to society.

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