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StorySeed employs AI as an empathetic facilitator leading learners to Storytelling mastery by inspiring them with movies, shows and books *they* love.

We believe that everyone has a story to tell, and we want to help them tell it in the best way possible.”

— Navilan, Founder & CEO

WILMINGTON, DELAWARE, UNITED STATES, June 15, 2023/ — “We are very excited to launch StorySeed,” said Koodup CEO and founder, Navilan. “This product is a result of our team’s dedication towards reimagining education using technology to create more engaging and effective learning experiences. We believe that everyone has a story to tell, and we want to help them tell it in the best way possible.”

Designed as a self-driven, AI-facilitated, immersive learning experience, StorySeed provides a unique approach to teaching storytelling. The program utilizes the power of AI to guide learners through an interactive journey, using their favorite movies, books, and TV shows as signposts and sceneries.

“Authenticity and the ability to capture essential human experiences have never been more important in storytelling,” said Navilan. “With StorySeed, we aim to cultivate these skills by offering an integrated learning experience where learners can explore their creativity, improve their storytelling abilities, and bring their unique stories to life like never before.”

The learning experience is integrated with Koodup’s new creative writing tool, Papyr, providing an infinite canvas and writing tool. Upon completing each section of StorySeed, learners are given three prompts to choose from and begin writing in Papyr, effectively applying the techniques they have learned.

“StorySeed is a perfect blend of humanity, technology and creativity,” added Navilan. “Hand-crafted bite-sized lessons from our educators, fun guessing games, and engaging prompts from AI. This combination not only makes learning storytelling techniques enjoyable but also encourages learners to tap into their imagination and unleash their potential.”

Today, Koodup is releasing the pilot chapter of StorySeed, titled “Story DNA”. The company plans to release the rest of the chapters in the coming months and continue adding new content indefinitely.

StorySeed Chapter 1 is generally available for everyone and can be experienced completely free with generous credits available upon signup. Papyr is a unique take on creative writing tools with an infinite canvas, completely offline operations and privacy friendly features. Papyr is free forever.

About Koodup

Koodup is a technology company focused on providing innovative learning experiences and tools for pre-teens, teens, and lifelong learners. With a mission to harness technology’s power to make learning more engaging and effective in every classroom and home, Koodup offers cutting-edge products like StorySeed, SocratiQ and Papyr that revolutionize the way people learn and create. Koodup focuses on using AI as tools for augmenting and empowering learners and teachers with creativity and productivity.

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