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Photo by Nicole Nelson

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Photo by Nicole Nelson

A tropical escape from Minnesota’s winter inspires the romantic “Kiss Me At Midnight.”

MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA, UNITED STATES, April 8, 2023/ — On lawyer-turned-novelist-turned-songwriter Mary Strand’s upcoming debut album, she’s experimenting with different musical eras as well as the different styles of rock she loves.

Her fourth single, “Kiss Me at Midnight,” pays homage to the Beach Boys.

Strand notes that she wrote many of the lyrics for the song on an escape-from-Minnesota-winter getaway two years ago to South Beach, Florida, where she was “inspired by the sand and surf, wafts of smoke from Cuban cigars, mind-blowing Argentine cookies called alfajores, and of course the beach music playing everywhere.” A couple of months later, her scribbled phrases turned into a song inspired by the Beach Boys.

When Strand and her co-producers on the album, Ryan Smith and Mark Wade, started the production of the track, they decided to dive fully into the sonic universe of the Beach Boys. According to Strand, “we wanted to explore the harmonies, the instrumentation, and the basic musical approach of Brian Wilson and, in particular, the Pet Sounds album.”

The single will be included on Strand’s album, Golden Girl, which will release on June 23, 2023.

“Kiss Me at Midnight” features Strand on guitar and lead vocals; Smith (of Soul Asylum and The Melismatics) on guitar, Latin percussion, and vocals; Wade (of The Melismatics) on bass and vocals; and Jack Strand – Mary’s son – on drums.

Like all of the songs on the Golden Girl album, Strand’s fourth single explores themes of love – new and old, happy and not so much – and “Kiss Me at Midnight” might be her most romantic song on the album. It’s all about exploring possibilities and new beginnings under the canopy of a lush tropical setting, even if those possibilities raise a few natural doubts.

“Kiss Me at Midnight” will be released on all streaming platforms on April 21, 2023. Strand will celebrate by playing it live on Thursday, April 20, at Songwriters in the Round at the Grand Event Center in Northfield, Minnesota.

Download an advance single of “Kiss Me at Midnight.”

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