Author Daniel A. Crane Releases Enthralling New Mystery Novel Rich with Portuguese History

The Crooked Queen by Daniel A. Crane

A murder mystery intertwined with Portuguese culture, history, cuisine, and art.

The sense of urgency in the writing is strong and I was unable to put this book down as I had to know what was coming next.”

— Lisa Albright, @booksloveandunderstanding

ANN ARBOR, MI, UNITED STATES, January 10, 2024 / — Lacey Papparin, a law school dropout turned private investigator, arrives in Portugal on assignment and soon finds herself involved in a murder mystery in Daniel A. Crane‘s new novel, The Crooked Queen. In Lisbon, Lacey finds herself entangled in a mystery involving a work of art that has disappeared alongside the man who claims to be the owner. It isn’t just any ordinary art piece that’s gone missing: it involves murder. Working together with the missing man’s daughter, Lacey studies the secrets of Portugal’s traditional azulejo art form while dodging sinister forces bent on preventing her from uncovering the truth.

This captivating mystery, which also introduces readers to Portugal’s expansive history, has received popular acclaim from prominent Bookstagrammers.

Stefanie of that_bookaholic_gal says, “I really enjoyed the beautiful descriptions of Portugal and getting immersed in its rich history. The descriptions of food, culture, and historical significance were very interesting to read about…If you’re a fan of family secrets, art, mysteries, and explorations of other cultures and histories… I’d recommend giving this book a read.”

Lisa Albright of booksloveandunderstanding says, “The sense of urgency in the writing is strong and I was unable to put this book down as I had to know what was coming next. The emergence of new pieces of the puzzle and the constant change of location as the search for answers continued reminded a bit of Dan Brown novels that I’ve enjoyed, but done with the author’s own unique writing style and dramatic flair. I’m hoping there will be more books featuring Lacey and her skills coming soon!”

Janet of purrfectpages says, “The Crooked Queen is a murder mystery that’s perfect for fans of the genre that enjoy stories steeped in arts and culture. Even though the case is the central focus, much detail is given to the community, its language and its cuisine.”

Kristen of audreyoaksreadseverything says, “ This murder mystery has all the classic elements such as stereotypical characters, stolen art, isolated locations, and red herrings while based on Portuguese culture as well. Crane’s descriptive writing makes it easy to visualize the setting.”

Stephanie of says, “ I really enjoyed being submerged in the Portuguese culture throughout the story. From the beautiful surroundings, the intertwined history, and the food!”

In addition to being a page-turning murder mystery, Daniel A. Crane immerses readers in the unique culture of Portugal, which DartFrog Books believes sets it apart from other books in the mystery genre.

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