Banning young girls from speaking of puberty is a violation of their right to discover what it means to become a woman

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Women are being told they must deny who they are and accept transgenders into their sacred spaces, after having fought persecution for centuries.

Being a woman is so much more than dressing as a woman and declaring “I am a woman”. It is intuition, menstruation, menopause, ability to grow and birth another human being. To be a woman is sacred.”

— Dawn Bates


With The Silencing of Young Girls in Florida On Their Natural Flow Into The Years Of Menstruation, We Are Going Back In Time Where Women Are Silenced, Threatened For Their Very Existence, Whilst Many In The West Still Believe The Muslim Women Of Afghanistan Are Oppressed

For centuries women have been oppressed throughout the world, and with the increasing number of people being silenced, vilified and threatened with the loss of their jobs and safety for speaking out against transgenders in women’s sports and toilets, the persecution of women increases.

British author Dawn Bates, award winning international bestselling author, and voted one of the top six inspiring mentors in Britain by International Women’s Network Forward Ladies, is due to arrive in North America for the next leg of her global book tour. The question is though, with her outspoken activism, how safe will she be?

Author activist Bates is no stranger to the dangerous world of activism, and over the years she has been followed by the secret police in Egypt during the Arab Spring, arrested and held with questioning for taking her two young sons on a wild camping trip across Scotland, and had blogs and articles taken down countless times.

Curator and lead author of The Potent Power of Menopause: A Culturally Diverse Perspective of Feminine Transformation speaks to women – and men – of the various ways in which women have been denied information on this transformational time in a woman’s life, and how the speaking of puberty has been denied across the globe for generations.

With the new bill of ruling in the state of Florida, by what is being named as the DeSantis University, banning young girls talking about their periods in schools, is there any wonder other female authors, such as Judy Blume are taking to social media to share their disgust that yet again, men are sticking their noses into the business of women and trying to silence them?

With DeSantis’ move being a throwback to the Victorian era of Britain where children were to be seen but not heard, and the increase of the threat to women’s success in sports and safety in public toilets, is there no end to the persecution women are, and have been facing (almost) since time began?

The rise of Feminist Anthropology in the West has led to many women demanding many things, including the right to education, employment, and fighting to be heard in respect of their ideas, and no longer being happy to be seen as ‘just a mother’, a role which in more traditional societies still commands a great deal of respect.

But where is the power of feminism today when it is really needed? Where are the powerful voices in congress and governments in the West who are brave enough to challenge this silencing of women talking about their bodies?

“Being a woman is so much more than dressing as a woman and declaring “I am a woman”; it is intuition, menstruation, menopause, ability to grow and birth another human being, as well as feed a baby from our own breast for months and years to come. To be a woman is sacred, and yet spineless politicians across the Western world are pandering to the drama queens of the transgender movement, and the ‘holier than thou parents’ who will do anything to be seen to being liberal” says Bates.

Words which American author, podcast host and political commentator Matt Walsh will be happy to hear, especially in response to his honest and curious documentary “What is a Woman?” which has been so controversial is can only be seen on The Daily Wire due to being constantly taken down from other media channels – which goes to prove the show hit a truth nerve.

As readers will discover in her book The Potent Power of Menopause, co-written with various experts across the globe on the subject of menopause, mid-life and alternatives to the heavily pushed HRT doctrine, the silencing of the subject of menstruation (and menopause) has led to misinformation, misdiagnosis and misaligned company or organisational policies – which for some women can have fatal results.

With so many women who have died for the freedom and liberty, why is it now acceptable to dishonour their deaths by further silencing women and invading their sacred spaces?

Why should women and young girls continue to be silenced? Is it because now women have a voice and a platform the men in power feel threatened?

According to Lara Wells, World Class Coach, Award Winning Intuitive & Transformational Healer, New Thought Leader, and Company Director at Lara Wells Global “Books such as The Potent Power of Menopause are so needed in a world where Big Pharma profits from the dis-ease and destruction of what it means to be a natural woman”.

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