Beauty Queen Jade Samantha Maclou Unveils Her Debut YA Fantasy Novel, ‘Celestia, The Last Dragon’

Jade Samantha Maclou – Author

Australian author Jade Samantha Maclou’s debut YA fantasy, “Celestia, The Last Dragon,” combines diverse leads, LGBTQ+ themes, adventure and self-discovery.

“Through ‘Celestia, The Last Dragon,’ I hope to ignite the spark of courage, self-belief, and limitless potential in every reader’s heart.” – Jade Samantha Maclou”

— Jade Samantha Maclou

PERTH, WESTERN AUSTRALIA, AUSTRALIA, May 9, 2023/ — Diverse and Enchanting YA Fantasy Novel, “Celestia, The Last Dragon,” Set for Release this June

Australian author Jade Samantha Maclou is excited to announce the release of her debut young adult fantasy novel, “Celestia, The Last Dragon.” This gripping tale, featuring diverse characters, LGBTQ+ romance, and a magical world full of adventure and self-discovery, will hit bookstores this June. The paperback and e-book versions are now available for pre-order on Amazon.

Perfect for fans of YA fiction and fantasy, “Celestia, The Last Dragon” transports readers to a world where dragons reign supreme and love knows no bounds. The story follows Celestia, the last dragon, who has been confined to a boarding school and shackled by the weight of her title. When she finally gets the chance to live in the real world under the supervision of her charming guardian James, she begins to uncover the true extent of her powers.

As the other dragons awaken to their powers, Celestia and her friends, Nyah, Max, and Lani, must navigate a perilous world where others seek to harness their abilities for their own gain. Shadowy figures gather prophecies and hunt the dragons before they can fully come into their powers, intent on creating a utopia of their own.

The story explores themes of love, friendship, hardship, and the pursuit of inner strength in the face of adversity. Celestia and her friends must find each other and unite to protect their powers and the world they love.

Jade Samantha Maclou, a beauty queen holding a national Australian title in 2018, has over a decade of experience in marketing and public relations. With a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce, specialising in Public Relations and Journalism, Jade is passionate about inspiring young women to achieve their full potential and chase their dreams.

In addition to her love for writing, Jade is an ardent lover of fashion, art, and beauty. Her work in the fashion industry has led to collaborations with some of Australia’s top designers and features in renowned fashion magazines. When not writing or working, Jade enjoys painting, drawing, and exploring the world of art.

Jade’s ultimate goal is to inspire young women to achieve their full potential and chase their dreams, regardless of the obstacles they may face. She believes that everyone has something unique and beautiful to offer the world and encourages all to embrace their individuality and creativity.

“I am thrilled that the day to share ‘Celestia, The Last Dragon’ with the world has finally arrived. I firmly believe that writing and storytelling are among the most powerful tools for imparting messages of empowerment and self-discovery to younger generations. My hope is that this novel will inspire readers to embrace their unique abilities and chase their dreams, no matter the challenges they face.” – Jade Samantha Maclou, Author of “Celestia, The Last Dragon”

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