Come To Myself, A Shift in Consciousness

Unlock the Power of “BETTER” and Experience a Profound Shift in Consciousness

UNITED STATES, January 19, 2024 / — Author Wenefer Servon White invites readers on a transformative journey with her latest book, “A-Z: Come To Myself, A Shift in Consciousness,” the second installment of her impactful book series. This thought-provoking release delves into the concept of “BETTER” (Begin Experiencing The Transforming Energy Remedy), guiding readers toward unlocking their inner power and embracing authenticity.

Embark on a journey of self-discovery as “A-Z: Come To Myself, A Shift in Consciousness” unfolds a collection of heartfelt narratives, reminiscent of the uplifting spirit found in “Chicken Soup for the Soul.” Wenefer White introduces readers to the transformative power of “BETTER,” offering tools for elevated mental clarity and a more authentic self. This seriously next-level read promises to elevate well-being to new heights.

Wenefer White draws inspiration from a life marked by adversity. As the daughter of a preacher, she learned early the values of faith and resilience. Her journey includes navigating a fifteen-year marriage that ended in divorce, the loss of both parents and a sister, and overcoming a Retinal Detachment that left her blind in one eye. Tragically, she also faced the heartbreaking loss of her fifteen-year-old son to cancer. Wenefer’s writings echo her unwavering strength, offering hope and inspiration to those facing life’s most daunting challenges.

Other books she wrote, “A-Z: My Jesus Welcomed Encounter, When Divine Timing Made Her Presence Known” (2019)

The inspiration of Wenefer in every book she has written, “A-Z: My Jesus Welcomed Encounter, When Divine Timing Made Her Presence Known”: Wenefer shares spiritually significant moments and offers stories resonating with anyone seeking meaning in life, faith, and amazing spiritual encounters.

“Come To Myself, A Shift in Consciousness”: Wenefer wishes to share the transformative power of “BETTER,” unlocking inner strength and becoming one’s authentic spiritual self. Embracing “Come To Myself” triggers spiritual enlightenment, mental harmony, enhanced clarity, and a sense of purpose that enhances overall well-being.

Both books center on profound personal transformation and spiritual awakening. “My Jesus Welcomed Encounter” is about experiencing divine timing and encountering a deeper spiritual presence. “Come To Myself, A Shift in Consciousness” focuses on guiding readers toward self-awareness, self-reflection, authenticity, and a transformative journey to unlock clarity and true self-alignment. Both inspire spiritual growth, authenticity, a deeper connection with God, oneself, and spiritual well-being.

“A-Z: Come To Myself, A Shift in Consciousness” is now available at major bookstores and online retailers. Join Wenefer Servon White on this journey of self-discovery, spiritual awakening, and the pursuit of authenticity.

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