Donald E Archey, Motivational speaker/Author to visit Fort Wayne Indiana on his nationwide book tour

Donald E Archey, Motivational speaker/Author to visit Fort Wayne Indiana on his nationwide book tour.

Donald E. Archey an admired author and motivational speaker is taking the motivational circuit by storm and will bring his tour to his home state of Indiana

Thinking creates thoughts, and thoughts blossom into desires, that turns into a burning desire which transforms into visualization that cause faith”

— Donald E Archey


Donald E Archey, Motivational Speaker/Author to visit Fort Wayne Indiana on his nationwide book tour.

Donald E. Archey, an admired author and motivational speaker is taking the motivational circuit by storm, Archey is set to bring his book tour to his home state of Indiana

Donald E Archey will make a stop in Fort Wayne during his nationwide book tour to share insights from his book “The Key to Unlock Happiness” at his upcoming speaking engagements on Saturday May 18th, 2024, at Union Baptist Church at 2200 Smith Street Fort Wayne, IN 46803.

The exciting news is that the event is open to the public and encourages the audience to engage in the event to get the most out of it. Archey will discuss the book’s core message about finding joy and fulfillment in everyday life.

Moreover, Archey is excited about the engagement in Fort Wayne and also his new sponsors which will enable him to host his own podcast “The Key to Unlock Happiness podcast”. Archey podcast will air on YouTube and his Facebook page a week before he arrives in Fort Wayne.

“I am thrilled to have the opportunity to connect with readers from all over the country and share the insights and the strategies I have learned for cultivating more happiness though my new podcast” said Archey.” I hope that the book and the podcast along with these events that I am doing all over the country, will inspire people to make positive changes and find greater happiness in their lives”. The book draws on the latest research in positive psychology, as well as Archery’s personal experiences, providing a roadmap for living a more joyful and fulfilling life.

The book also puts emphasis on the difference between happiness and wealth, and how wealth cannot and will not bring lifelong happiness. Archey uses quotes from Gandhi, Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Albert Einstein, Freddie Mercury, the Bible, Plato, Socrates, Aristotle and many more in his book, Archey explores the importance of forgiveness, giving, and the exquisiteness of stories of individuals who have accomplished happiness without fortune.

Archey has made a huge splash on the motivation circuit since the release of his book, which has made him one the most sought after new motivational speakers on the circuit. To purchase a book, please visit, or visit Amazon.

About Donald E Archey:

Donald E. Archey is a renowned African-American Author and Motivational Speaker, known for his strong faith and commitment to spreading messages of true happiness and fulfillment. He obtained degrees from Ivy Tech (AA), Indiana University, (BA) and Florida Atlantic University, (MA), later in life going into philosophy and motivational speaking and sales training. For those who have come to one of his events will tell you over and over again that Archey’s incredible energy and passion are contagious on stage. Archey takes his audiences on an emotional roller coaster from laughter to tears and leaving his audiences jubilant by the end of his event. Archey’s work has been recognized with an honorary Doctoral Degree in motivation from LADC Institute (USA) in 2021. The book has received marvelous rave reviews from those that have read the book and and from those who have attended his motivational and sales training events, including his opening nationwide tour in Fort Lauderdale Florida, where attendees were left overwhelmed by Archey’s electrifying presentation. When asked about his upcoming event in Fort Wayne Indiana, Archey replied with his contagious laugh “As the song writer wrote, I’m going back to Indiana, Indiana is where I’m from”.

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