Farmer Thaddeus Wants to Help Make Father’s Day Happier and Healthier for the Whole Family with Organic Produce Delivery

Farm Fresh to You Farm To Table

Organic Farming Entrepreneur Thaddeus Barsotti

Farmer Thaddeus Barsotti

Farm Fresh to You Delivers the Farm To Table Experience All Year Round With Seasonal Produce In Time For Summer Grilling Season

Every father knows that the best part of grilling is the fire. For all the fathers out there, here is a two piece recipe to celebrate your day.”

— Thaddeus Barsotti

SACRAMENTO , CA, USA, June 8, 2023/ — With inflation on the rise, especially at the grocery store, organic farmer and entrepreneur, Thaddeus Barsotti, alongside his family are on a mission to help brighten up the dinner table with fresh produce and lighten up the grocery bill for consumers, while supporting organic farmers at the same time.

As a father of three kids himself, Thaddeus and his wife know firsthand that it can be a huge relief when kids actually want to eat their fruits and vegetables at mealtime.

Thaddeus comes from a long lineage of organic farmers in the Capay Valley of Northern California who have dedicated their lives to ensuring that everyone has access to nutrient rich produce. This mission led to the creation of Farm Fresh to You, a direct-to-consumer delivery service of organic fruit, vegetables and artisanal items that are grown to have exceptional flavor. Farm Fresh to You is considered to be the largest “CSA,” Community Supported Agriculture program which enables customers to receive fresh produce delivered directly from organic farms to their kitchen tables, providing the farmers market experience all year round.

This enterprising platform supports customers and farmers alike, especially for West Coast residents who might not have access to farmer’s markets or grocery stores with an ample supply of organic goods. The delivery service only uses plastic when necessary to maintain the quality of the produce and helps to offset the plastic consumption crisis by shipping in the most eco-friendly ways possible. Equally important to the mission of Farm Fresh to You is to support organic farmers. Farming can be a labor of love for small to medium farmers who lose most of their profits to the retailers in the middle, hence why Community Supported Agriculture programs such as these can significantly help members of the farming industry to earn a living wage.

In honor of Father’s Day, coming up on June 18th, customers can utilize the code: “FatherThyme” to receive 50% off on their first delivery box of Farm Fresh to You produce, which also coincides with the official start of summer grilling season.

Thaddeus goes by “@FarmerThaddeus” on Instagram and has a new book coming out this summer titled: “Betting on the Farm”, which is written as a memoir and is dedicated to his wife, children and family members.

Farm Fresh to you currently serves the West Coast throughout California, Oregon, Washington, Nevada, Alaska, and Idaho. Plans to expand nationally are in the works .

Father’s Day Grilling Tips:

According to Thaddeus “Every father knows that the best part of grilling is the fire. For all the fathers out there, here is a two piece recipe to celebrate your day for all of the hardworking fathers out there who are literally putting food on the table for their family.”

The Food:

· A mix of summer vegetables cut so they don’t fall through the grill. My go to veggies to grill are summer squash, mushrooms and peppers.

· Put them all in a bowl, add olive oil and salt. Stir them up. There should be a thin coat of oil on everything and enough salt.

The Grill:

· The Charcoal Chimney is the best way to start briquettes. One or two sheets of newspaper and a beer or two in time and the coals are roaring – no lighter fluid needed.

· Put the coals on half of the grill, leaving the other half for in-direct heat.

· Put the veggies over the coals, until they get a good char, then move them to the indirect heat side. Too often if I leave them over the coals they just get too barbecued.


Born in his family farmhouse in Capay, CA, Thaddeus showed an early proficiency in the machine shop and is responsible for designing some of the custom tractor modifications and tools used on the farm today. In 2004, Thaddeus graduated with a degree in Agricultural Engineering from Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo and moved to San Francisco to help start the company’s first retail store and pursue his appreciation for the art of real food and cuisine at culinary school. In 2005, Thaddeus felt driven to continue his connection to the family farm and took on the role as farm manager, actively focusing on selecting, growing, and testing specialty produce varieties – chosen for taste.

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