Fate, Greed, and Fame Collide in Upcoming Horror Novel “The Molossus of Old Man Moyer”

The Molossus of Old Man Moyer by Joe Lyon

Joe Lyon’s latest anticipated mystery exploring spirituality, mythology, and ancient death practices will hit Amazon and Kindle on August 1

Forgive me father, for I’m about to sin.”

— From “The Molossus of Old Man Moyer”

AIKEN, SOUTH CAROLINA, UNITED STATES, May 30, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — What happens when an unsuspecting ex-con turned body transporter is chosen as the next physical host for two ancient gods trapped in the mortal world since Mesopotamian times? Readers are about to find out come August 1, 2023, when author Joe Lyon releases his fourth horror novel that pits the mortal and spiritual worlds against one another.

“The Molossus of Old Man Moyer” follows ex-con Jimmy Myer who is trying to turn his life around with honest work as a body transporter. While transporting the body of renowned psychic Deacon Tibbs in The Death Mobile, Jimmy hits and kills a dog. He discovers that the dog named Belky belongs to one of the wealthiest men in America, Colman Moyer. Determined to do right, Jimmy returns the dog’s lifeless body to his owner.

But Jimmy’s visit to Old Man Moyer’s house sets off a supernatural sequence of events, where Jimmy questions if he’ll ever be the same again. He discovers that Belky is over 2,000 years old, the last of the ancient Molossus dog breed. And in his 2,000 years, he’s played host to the spirits of two ancient gods, trapped since the Mesopotamian era. As he watches the dog rises from the dead, it’s clear to Jimmy that his encounter with Belky and Old Man Moyer is anything but an accident. And Moyer is set on ensuring Belky’s mission of making Jimmy the new host is achieved. But what about Deacon Tibbs? Will the departed psychic miss out on his chance to intercede in this battle royale between the spiritual and mortal worlds?

Readers will find out on August 1 when Lyon’s “The Molossus of Old Man Moyer” is available in ebook, paperback, and hardback versions on Amazon and Kindle.

To learn more about Joe Lyon and the pending release of “The Molossus of Old Man Moyer,” visit joe-lyon.com.

About Joe Lyon

Joe Lyon is an American horror writer who developed a love for scary stories by watching late-night horror films with his three older sisters – strictly against the rules because of the nightmares they caused, but he loved them. After reading magazines like Weird Tales in Stunning Picto-Vision, his interest in horror and fantasy heightened. He grew up among cornfields in the central valley of the Ohio flatlands and created versions of comic books, scary stories, and monster drawings.

Joe is also a singer/songwriter, leveraging his associations with Purple Toad to incorporate poetic song lyrics into his stores to give them artistic depth. He resides in South Carolina with his wife, three kittens, one border collie, and one big black horse named Capt. Wentworth. Lyon’s writing career began in 2020 with the self-publication of his first three-book Epic Fantasy Series, “Astar’s Blade.” “The Molossus of Old Man Moyer” is his fourth published book.

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