Hill Exposes America’s Injustices in a Memoir

Where is the Justice?: Second Edition

Fearless Accounts on the Injustices of Hill’s Life and His Family in a Book

YORBA LINDA, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, April 12, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — Most books written under the genre memoir often tell stories of success and happy lives – or life well-lived. Well, author William Hill also had his share of good times. But in his book entitled, “Where is Justice?”, he narrates a story of the greatest injustice that – according to him – was perpetuated by the justice system itself.

Hill starts by saying that the government did “all that they could to destroy us”. The story starts as Hill, a real-estate broker, was selling delinquent properties that had been foreclosed, fixed them up and resold them.

However, this idea was something the government disliked. “They never liked that I did business with local banks, and so, my license was revoked,” he says. But it did not end there. An account of many injustices including deceit was perpetuated by the very people who serve in the justice system. His reputation was broken, and he lost his credibility in the industry.

“All my life I’ve been helping people purchase homes, properties for themselves, but I was hated for doing so,” he says.

Now, William Hill exposes the deepest and intriguing secrets that bring emotions and realizations, and will surely bring you to the edge of your seats.

A verified Amazon review, Veritas Vincint reviewed the book and says, “With an impressive depth of recollection, author William Hill recounts his own rise and fall in life, along with all the bitter lessons learned along the way, in his aptly titled book…”

Vincint continues to say that the story is like so many others – an ordinary man from unimpressive means fights for his country, and then his own financial freedom, in a bid to reach the American Dream. However, Hill’s decades of effort are eroded and erased by the corrupt and unfair systems that dominate this country. He experiences the anger and futility of going to war with these entrenched evils, but also finds transcendence in his own acts as a “good” person.

Grab a copy now of the most intriguing and mind-blowing accounts of William Hill, written in first person.

“Where is Justice?” is now available on Amazon and other digital bookstores worldwide.

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