Imperium Sponsors Authorpedia and AuthorTV Platforms, Securing the World’s Only Encyclopedia Dedicated to Authors

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Honoring Authors and Preserving Literary Legacy: Inside the Unique World of Authorpedia and AuthorTV

Every writer lives through fear of death and hopes of immortality.”

— C. S. Douglas

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, June 27, 2023/ — In a disruptive development, Imperium, a leading blockchain project, has announced its sponsorship of the updating and reintroduction of Authorpædia, the world’s only encyclopedia dedicated to authors, and its associated AuthorTV platform. This initiative aims to resurrect these invaluable resources and ensure their security by integrating them into the Imperium blockchain ecosystem.

Authorpædia, created by Chris Douglas, has a rich history but faced unfortunate challenges. In 1999, the platform was taken down by malware, coincidentally shortly after Douglas interviewed David Icke on November 3. During the interview, Icke openly shared his opinions about the COVID pandemic, leading to a retracted YouTube video due to its disagreement with the World Health Organization’s stance. A copy of the interview remains on Rumble after YouTube’s takedown.

Compounding the setback, the AuthorTV platform also fell victim to malware, following a similar coincidental pattern. Both Authorpædia and AuthorTV, including Icke’s unabridged biography, suffered gradual deterioration and eventually disappeared from HostGator. Despite multiple backups, HostGator technicians were unable to recover the platforms.

Considering these challenges, Chris Douglas, the creator of Authorpedia and AuthorTV, as well as the founder of Imperium Foundation, has made the strategic decision to revive these platforms. This time, they will be securely integrated into the Imperium blockchain, safeguarded against external malware threats.

The sponsorship by Imperium represents a stride towards safeguarding authors and providing readers with unfiltered and authentic information through Authorpedia. By integrating into the Imperium blockchain, the platforms will enjoy bolstered security measures and decentralized infrastructure. Leveraging the power of blockchain technology, Authorpedia ensures the immutability and integrity of data, offering an optimal solution to protect and preserve this invaluable resource.

The revival of Authorpedia and AuthorTV holds immense promise for authors, scholars, and enthusiasts worldwide. The comprehensive encyclopedia will serve as an invaluable reference, providing a wealth of information about authors from various genres, eras, and cultures. The AuthorTV platform, hosted by Chris Douglas himself, will offer engaging interviews and discussions with notable authors, further enriching the literary community.

As Imperium sponsors the revival of Authorpedia and AuthorTV, they demonstrate their commitment to fostering knowledge and innovation in the blockchain realm. By integrating these platforms into the secure Imperium blockchain, Imperium ensures their longevity, accessibility, and resilience against future malware attacks.

The re-imagination of Authorpedia and AuthorTV within the Imperium ecosystem marks a significant milestone for the world of literature and blockchain technology. As these platforms are reintroduced, readers, authors, and researchers can look forward to a robust and secure repository of author-related knowledge, enabling the exploration and celebration of literary achievements.

Imperium’s sponsorship of this initiative reflects its dedication to empowering communities and advancing the adoption of blockchain technology in various domains. The revival of Authorpedia and AuthorTV within the Imperium blockchain ecosystem is poised to make a lasting impact on the literary landscape, providing a secure and accessible platform for all to explore the fascinating world of authors and their works.

Additionally, it is worth noting that Authorpedia, during its active period, garnered immense recognition and usage within the academic community. In just one year, over 16,000 universities worldwide relied on Authorpedia as a trusted resource. Moreover, it was consulted by more than 9,800 publications, as reported by This widespread adoption and utilization highlight the significant impact and value that Authorpedia provided to researchers, scholars, and academic institutions globally.

Authorpedia is a non-profit organization, supported by the Authorpedia Foundation, Inc., and operates on a free platform. It’s funding primarily relies on donations, ensuring its preservation and status for the benefit of published writers. The platform empowers contemporary authors to create and curate their own pages, granting them the exclusive right to edit their work, maintain updates, and control their content.

The encyclopædia also pays homage to the timeless literary figures known as “the Classics.” These revered authors are enlisted in the ever-growing anthology, and Authorpedia welcomes contributions from volunteers such as writer’s associations, universities, and even collaborations with platforms like Wikipedia. Together, they strive to maintain an immense and yet accountable collection, honoring the literary excellence of humankind.

With an estimated one million published authors annually in the United States alone and a staggering 130 million worldwide, Authorpedia anticipates surpassing the size of any encyclopedia known to exist. The platform aims to release yearly volumes, meticulously crafted in exclusive leather-bound editions, which will find their place in libraries and bookstores, leaving an indelible mark on history, and symbolizing literary immortality.

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