Inspiring Hearts and Minds with ‘Luisita and COVID-19

Luisita and COVID-19/Luisita y la COVID-19

Dora is a firm believer in nurturing young minds and imparting valuable lessons to the youth, inspiring and representing the bilingual community.

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, September 18, 2023/ — Prepare to be fascinated as Dora Przybylek, a celebrated Peruvian author of Chinese descent who lives in New York since 1989, maintains her global readership’s adoration with her heartfelt narratives. Her latest contribution to the beloved Luisita Series, titled “Luisita and COVID-19/Luisita y la COVID-19,” promises to leave a profound mark on the literary landscape.

Dora Przybylek’s works for children have consistently garnered acclaim and earned numerous prestigious awards. Most notably, the Luisita Series has been the recipient of esteemed accolades, including the International Latino Book Awards in 2017, 2018, and 2019. “Luisita Rides Her Bike/Luisita monta en bicicleta” clinched the coveted 2017 International Latino Book Award for Best Children’s Picture Book Translation from Spanish to English.

One of the series’ standout achievements, “Luisita is Sick/Luisita esta enferma,” addresses the sensitive subject of a young girl’s battle with cancer. This emotionally resonant book has been honored with multiple international awards, including the 2018 International Latino Book Award for Most Inspirational Children’s Picture Book in the Bilingual category. In April 2018, Dora Przybylek was honored with an interview by Univision, where she discussed this exceptional work.

The brilliance of the Luisita Series continued to shine with “Luisita Travels/Luisita viaja,” which secured the 2019 International Latino Book Award for Most Inspirational Children’s Picture Book in the Bilingual category.

Jordan Riley, a reader, claims that Dora’s latest book “Luisita and COVID-19/Luisita y la COVID-19” is a good read as well.

Dora Przybylek’s unwavering commitment to fostering literacy, empathy, and resilience through her storytelling continues to have a profound impact on young minds and families across the globe.

Grab your own copy of “Luisita and COVID-19/Luisita y la COVID-19” by Dora Przybylek at Amazon and through other leading book retailers and online platforms.

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