Karen East Thankful for the Tremendous Support at LATFOB 2023, Still Inspiring a Vision of a Future Society

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Sanctuary by Karen East

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Karen East Thankful for the Tremendous Support at LATFOB 2023, Still Inspiring a Vision of a Future Society

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, June 30, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — Karen East, author of the thought-provoking novel “Sanctuary,” extends her heartfelt gratitude to the attendees and book enthusiasts of the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books (LATFOB) 2023 for their overwhelming support. The event, held on the 22nd and 23rd of April 2023 at the University of Southern California, was a resounding success thanks to the contributions of the book-loving community.

“Sanctuary,” a compelling 352-page book, delves into a future where the War on Terror has raged for decades, leading to significant corporations exerting control over government, the economy, and the environment. Against this backdrop, the protagonist, Janet Ryan, is caught between the government’s restrictions and a group of individuals questioning the loss of freedom. Janet’s journey takes her to an Ojibwe reservation in northern Wisconsin, where she encounters people living harmoniously without technology or competition.

Karen East is still awestruck by the overwhelming reception received at LATFOB. She expresses her deepest gratitude to the event organizers for providing her the platform to connect with a diverse range of readers. The opportunity to share her book’s message with such an engaged audience was a remarkable experience.

In response to the immense support received at the festival, Karen East is thrilled and aims to continue promoting dialogue about personal freedoms, environmental responsibility, and alternative ways of living, as depicted in “Sanctuary.”

For those who missed the chance to acquire a copy of Sanctuary, the book is still available in Kindle and print versions on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

If you’re enchanted by the vivid imagery and profound concepts in the book, we invite you to discover more about Karen East at https://kareneastbooks.com/. We also have a special treat for you; watch Karen East’s engaging conversation at the LATFOB 2023 here: https://youtu.be/sWTETmEyo7M.

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