King of the Forest a New Book by Tom Monson Combines Art and Story to Create “The Bigfoot Odyssey”

An Amazing Collection of Art and Stories

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Six Examples of the Art

Bigfoot is King of the Forest

When You Are In the Forest, You Know It!

Author Tom Monson Takes Readers on a Journey into the Mysterious World of Bigfoot

The stunning artwork amazed me and I had to share it with both Bigfoot fans and nature art lovers. Plus, I’m sure this book will soon become a collector’s item because of the limited edition.”

— Tom Monson

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, January 15, 2024 / — Author and filmmaker Tom Monson unveils his latest literary adventure, Bigfoot – King of the Forest. This immersive book weaves story and art to take readers on a voyage into the heart of the legendary creature’s world.

Bigfoot – King of the Forest features artwork showcasing 131 renderings of Bigfoot, diverse landscapes, and visual representations of the characters in the stories. Beyond the artwork, the book includes a total of 26 short stories that explore the myths, tales, and fantasies surrounding the legendary Bigfoot.

According to Monson, “This book will provide endless hours of entertainment for readers and folks who enjoy art. It is likely to become a real collector’s treasure because of the stories, the artwork, and the fact that it is a limited edition.”

Monson went on, “I’ve been fascinated with Bigfoot and other mysteries since I was very young when my mother told me to stay curious.”

Monson revealed the artistic process for Bigfoot – King of the Forest. He said it is not just a collection of illustrations and short stories. He called it a “visual odyssey” crafted by him and talented AI artists. The collaboration resulted in a unique perspective of the legendary creature.

Readers also can engage with the author and fellow readers. Readers are invited to join the Bigfoot fan community at This allows them to transform the experience into an interactive adventure. The website also offers bonus art, Bigfoot folklore, sightings reports, and behind-the-scenes content.

The concept behind Bigfoot – King of the Forest is for readers to join the Bigfoot experience, encouraging them to share encounter stories, ask questions, and connect with others who share the curiosity.

Monson’s latest movie, We Found Bigfoot, was released in October 2023, and serves as a visual introduction to the mysteries explored in the book.

Preliminary reviews of the artwork and storytelling have been very positive. People are amazed by the art and appreciate stories short enough to be read in less than five minutes.

Monson’s dedication to exploration and storytelling shines through, promising readers an immersive journey into the unknown.

Monson concluded, “People tell me this book is a must-read for both Bigfoot fans and people who appreciate art and fun stories. And, I can tell you this, if someone enjoys this book half as much as I did creating it, they are going to love it!”

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About the Author: Tom Monson, is an award-winning author and filmmaker. His passion for Bigfoot goes back to 1970 when he interviewed a man who was accosted by a Bigfoot. Since then, he has crafted over 30 educational documentaries, written 20 books, and produced a feature film about Bigfoot.

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