Life Beyond Cannabis” on 4/20/23

CALABASAS, CA, UNITED STATES, April 20, 2023/ — Internationally renowned yoga teacher, addiction recovery expert, author, and founder of “Recovery 2.0,” Tommy Rosen, announces the launch of “Free Your Mind: Life Beyond Cannabis,” a groundbreaking digital program designed to help individuals overcome marijuana dependence using a mind, body and spirit, holistic approach.

“Free Your Mind: Life Beyond Cannabis” is an online program that combines modern psychology, ancient wisdom, community, yoga and meditation techniques to address marijuana addiction. The program is perfect for those seeking to stop or pause cannabis use, treatment providers, therapists, coaches, social workers, and sponsors.

For just $420, participants gain access to group support, instructional videos, course content, an eBook, breathwork exercises to heal the lungs, 12-step practices, and access to an online community of people around the world who are committed to thriving in a life beyond addiction.

The program’s eBook, which also launches on 4/20/23 helps participants understand the nature of addiction, addresses the role of thought in addiction, and offers practical steps to overcome cannabis dependence.

Together, the course and book also explore the importance of spirituality in recovery, discussing the misconceptions surrounding cannabis and spirituality, and providing methods for connecting with the intelligent quantum field for healing and growth.

Tommy Rosen is a yoga teacher, meditation instructor, and addiction recovery expert with over 30 years of continuous recovery from addiction. He founded Recovery 2.0, a global organization dedicated to inspiring and uniting people in recovery from addiction through yoga and meditation. He hosts a weekly podcast, “In The Circle with Tommy Rosen” and his book, “Recovery 2.0: Move Beyond Addiction and Upgrade Your Life,” continues to transform lives worldwide.

As marijuana use becomes more prevalent, “Free Your Mind: Life Beyond Cannabis” is well-positioned to significantly improve the lives of those grappling with dependence. This innovative program offers a fresh perspective and practical tools for individuals seeking freedom from cannabis addiction and a more fulfilling, spiritually connected life.

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