Magnetic Entrepreneur Inc. Continues to Shine Globally Under New Leadership

ONTARIO, CANADA, October 10, 2023 / — Magnetic Entrepreneur Inc., a prominent global player in the personal development and coaching industry with a robust portfolio of over 200 published books, continues to gain widespread recognition and exceptional success on a global scale. Established by visionary founder Robert J. Moore, the company has consistently attracted significant attention and earned numerous accolades, reaffirming its role as a leading authority in the field.

Robert J. Moore, the visionary founder, emphasized, “Magnetic Entrepreneur Inc.’s exceptional accomplishments, such as being featured in Forbes and Disrupt Magazines, highlight our dedication to thought leadership and collaboration. Our success is a testament to our steadfast commitment to developing high-value mastermind programs, offering a platform for individuals to share their stories through publications, and nurturing the growth of both businesses and individuals.”

The global recognition earned by Magnetic Entrepreneur Inc. can also be attributed to Robert J. Moore’s impressive portfolio of accomplishments, including the rare distinction of being awarded an Honorary Doctorate Degree twice. Since its inception in 2006, Magnetic Entrepreneur Inc. has empowered an estimated 200,000 clients, guiding them toward success and personal development.

The 2023 Global Recognition Award further solidifies Magnetic Entrepreneur Inc.’s standing as a leading figure in the personal development and coaching industry. This prestigious honor celebrates the company’s significant achievements, forward-thinking ideas, and enduring impact.

In an exciting development, while Robert J. Moore will forever be the founder, he has made the strategic decision to pass the torch to the new CEO, Amanda M. Renaud. Amanda brings her unique vision and passion to Magnetic Entrepreneur Inc., with a mission to empower authors in their writing journeys and inspire them to share their stories. Amanda’s journey in the company began in 2017, and in a short span, she has co-authored an international best-seller, “Women in Leadership.” Her background in child and youth treatment, coupled with her leadership experience, equips her with a profound understanding of personal development and transformation. Even in the face of a traumatic accident, Amanda displayed exceptional resilience, a quality that defines her character.

With diverse talents and boundless compassion, Amanda is dedicated to transforming lives and motivating others to share their stories. She has collaborated on notable books such as “Collaborate to Succeed” and “Exceptional Minds.” Her upcoming book on exceptional leadership is highly anticipated by her followers and the personal development community.

Amanda is not limiting her impact to the pages of her books. She is taking her mission further by offering an interactive course designed to support individuals on their journey to success. Her goal is to help others unearth their inner writers and entrepreneurs, all while fostering personal growth and self-discovery.

While Amanda has taken on the role of CEO, she is not alone in this journey. Robert J. Moore continues to stand beside her, providing invaluable guidance and coaching to help her establish her name and leadership within the company. For years, the company was synonymous with Robert, and now, under Amanda’s leadership, Magnetic Entrepreneur Inc. looks forward to an exciting new chapter while honoring its founder’s enduring legacy.

As Magnetic Entrepreneur Inc. continues to shine under new leadership, it remains committed to its mission of empowering individuals and businesses to reach new heights of success and personal development. For media inquiries or more information, please contact:

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