Mentchu-hotep and the Spirit of the Medjay

Follow a young prince as he travels around ancient Egypt in search of wisdom and knowledge

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, April 20, 2023/ — Welcome to an epic journey into the world of ancient Egypt, where a young prince embarks on a quest for knowledge and wisdom that will shape his destiny as a leader and a Medjay priest-scientist. “Mentchu-Hotep and the Spirit of the Medjay” is a tale of adventure, mystery, and self-discovery. Set against the backdrop of a civilization that thrived for thousands of years and left behind an enduring legacy of art, architecture, science, and spirituality.

Follow the footsteps of Prince Mentchu-hotep as he learns from the great warrior-priest Hem Sem Tepy Dagi and discovers the secrets of the sacred temple of Amen. Witness the majesty and splendor of the land of the Pharaohs, as seen through the eyes of a young prince who will one day rule over it. Witness the triumphs and tragedies of a civilization that endured for millennia and left behind a legacy that still resonates with the present. So, come and join Mfundishi Jhutyms Hassan Salim on this amazing journey and discover the magic and mystery of the land of the Pharaohs.

Mfundishi Jhutyms Hassan Salim is a renowned author, educator, and spiritual teacher with over 40 years of experience in the field of Kemetic studies. He is widely recognized as an authority on ancient African history, spirituality, and culture.

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