“Nifty Neighbors” by Tracy Emerick Examines the Traits of Being a Good Neighbor

“Nifty Neighbors: Mister Rogers and Jesus Christ” – updated

The book explores the benefits of neighborliness, drawing comparisons between the beloved television host Mister Rogers and the teachings of Jesus Christ.

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, June 10, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Tracy Emerick, Ph. D., a retired marketing expert and experienced business consultant, has released “Nifty Neighbors: Mister Rogers & Jesus Christ”, an addition to his growing series. This insightful work explores the opportunities and benefits of being a good neighbor, drawing on the examples of Mister Rogers and Jesus Christ to illustrate key characteristics, traits, and attitudes that can enhance personal and professional relationships.

In “Nifty Neighbors”, Emerick highlights the importance of friendship and neighborliness, using the beloved children’s television host Mister Rogers and the timeless teachings of Jesus Christ. The book offers practical advice and motivational thoughts to help readers improve their ‘neighborhood’—the community of people they interact with daily. The author emphasizes that the principles discussed are timeless and applicable to both current and future contexts.

This book is part of a series by Emerick that compares human greatness to an ideal model across various categories. Each title in the series aims to help readers understand themselves better and improve their relationships with others and with a loving God, regardless of personal beliefs.

The author, Tracy Emerick, married for fifty-three years with two children and five grandchildren, brings a wealth of experience to his writing. Aside from managing a marketing agency for two decades, Emerick has served as a state representative, church moderator, and chair of his town’s planning board. He has taught at several universities at the graduate level and holds a BA in philosophy, an MBA, and a PhD in business administration.

“Nifty Neighbors: Mister Rogers & Jesus Christ” is now available for purchase in various formats on global book retailers like Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

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