Rwandan-born author presents a new economic model to end poverty worldwide in just 15 years

New book by Jean-Pierre Twagirayezu presents a solution to poverty, offering economic policies for developing and developed countries.

ASHBURN, VIRGINIA, UNITED STATES, April 7, 2023/ — Jean-Pierre Twagirayezu, a Rwandan-born author and researcher, presents a new economic model in his book titled “How to end poverty in the world in just 15 years”. This new economic model offers a solution to poverty by presenting detailed economic policies that any country can implement to achieve quick industrialization and lift billions of people out of poverty and into prosperity in just a few years.

This new economic model provides insights on how globalization can be done the right way to achieve quick industrialization in developing countries. For developed countries that are struggling with the problem of high unemployment and economic stagnation, Twagirayezu shows how the same economic model can be adapted to their economies and create million of high paying jobs while generating impressive economic growth year after year.

Moreover, the book explores other ideas, such as how people can acquire newly built homes by paying only the interest on the loan taken to buy the home, and how people living in countries with low unemployment like the United States, Japan, Germany etc. do not need to pay income taxes. It also provides a potential solution to the astronomical national debt of developed countries like the United States, Japan, France etc.

Twagirayezu, who has a background in physics and mathematics, has been researching a device that would generate useful mechanical energy without any input since his high school years. His research concluded successfully and he now has a complete theory with detailed instructions on how to manufacture a device capable of generating totally free energy. This device can be installed in automobiles and the car or truck would never needs any kind of input to operate. This device can also be used to supply mechanical energy to a generator and produce electricity. This device is the ultimate solution to the current problem of global warming and climate change, as it will render obsolete current technologies that causes global warming.

With the problem of energy completely solved, the author sees no obstacle standing in the way of putting an end to poverty in all countries of the world.

The author believes that solving the material needs of humanity all over the world will lead to a perfect society on earth, where harmony, peace, and love reign. The book ends with a discussion on how humanity can reach this ideal society.

“How to end poverty in the world in just 15 years” is Twagirayezu’s first book, and it is available for purchase on many online platforms.

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