Spirited Self-Help Journals by Mimi Margarita Are Playful Yet Serious Business for Curious Souls Seeking Answers

Words of F*cking Wisdom A Journal for the Spirited Soul

Words of F*cking Wisdom A Journal for the Spirited Soul II

And These Journals With Lively Language Quotes and Questions Really Make You Think

GREENWICH, CONNECTICUT, USA, April 20, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — Windsurf Publishing LLC today announced the publication of two new books available on Amazon and soon to be at other booksellers like Barnes and Noble worldwide. Words of F*cking Wisdom A Journal for the Spirited Soul and Words of F*cking Wisdom A Journal for the Spirited Soul II are both spirited language journals for people who enjoy a little sharpness of language in their books. Thoughts, beliefs, perceptions, life experiences, and future plans are asked of the reader and journal writer after being given relevant related quotes of wisdom.

Many people today do enjoy books with coarse words for entertainment, stress and anxiety reduction, or simply to get a laugh. And many titles today on Amazon and other booksellers exhibit such language and are pretty well mainstreamed and popular in society. Some examples are adult coloring books, therapy books and journals, inspiration books and journals, and an assortment of related harsh words products. Windsurf’s new publications by author Mimi Margarita offers unique and insightful quotes and journal prompts that address many multifaceted and serious circumstances of life. They are meant to be fun and serious at the same. Ms. Margarita successfully delivers up these two spicy journals that are not only amusing and somewhat calming but also contemplative for the human mind. They are geared to get people thinking about their lives from different points of view and propel readers and journal participants with newer thoughts and life directions.

Two quote examples from her books says to, “Use self-love to navigate your good f*cking fortune” and “make the wishes of your heart your top f*cking priority.” These are good reminders of thoughts to always consider and remember when thinking about oneself. And statements like these are paired with journal questions that ignite one’s own self acceptance, understanding, and escape from mundaneness and negativity. 

Besides of obvious humor, benefits of these journals include: new ways of looking at one’s life events, getting to know oneself better than before, and contemplating new plans for the future.

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