Story Merchant Books Announces Virtual Storytelling Coaching Course From Hollywood Producer Dr. Ken Atchity

Founded by Dr. Kenneth Atchity in 2010.

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Meet your instructor: Dr. Ken Atchity

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Dr. Kenneth Atchity, noted Author and Hollywood Producer

With over two and a half hours of content across 30 lessons, master the essential building blocks to a successful story with this new virtual course.

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, June 16, 2023/ — The Writers Lifeline Inc. is proud to announce a brand new virtual coaching course, Getting Your Story Straight from Story Merchant Academy soon to be available June 25th.

Crafted by noted author and Hollywood producer Dr. Ken Atchity, the course is designed to improve writer’s storytelling. Dr. Atchity (Yale PhD, Georgetown BA) has worked with writers since he became editor-in-chief of his high school Prep News more than fifty years ago. He is a writer himself (20 books and counting, fiction and nonfiction), and works as an editor, professor, publishing consultant, speaker at writers’ conferences, literary manager, and producer.

In pursuit of his lifelong mission to help storytellers get their stories to their maximum audience and adjusting to the volatile writing marketplace, he’s created a set of “sister companies” that serve every writer’s needs:,, Atchity Productions, Atchity-Wong Productions, and Atchity has produced dozens of films to date, with a half dozen more approaching production. To keep up with the needs of storytellers in a constantly-changing story marketplace, Ken believes in thinking outside the box.

With over two and a half hours of content across 30 lessons, students can expect to master the essential building blocks to a successful story by the end of the course. Lessons range across a variety of essential storytelling topics such as crafting compelling characters, an effective structure, and more!

“If it was not for Ken Atchity, I would not be an author. Over 70 literary agents turned down my first manuscript… but Ken saw it as a novel and a film. I just needed a major rewrite. Nine months later we had a movie deal and a two book deal for ‘Meg’!”

— Steve Alten, Author of the New York Times Best Selling ‘Meg’ series.

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