Strolling Memory Lane

The Early Years A Memoir

Rachel Carrington narrates her early years filled with challenges in life and love

YORBALINDA, CALIFORNIA, USA, May 3, 2023/ — As humans, everyone has different stands in life. Some are born fortunate enough to have food on their table at all times whereas others struggle to earn one meal. The prosperous have their future planned out while the penurious have an uncertain tomorrow. Social hierarchy may be an advantage but all are contenders for greatness.

“The Early Years: A Memoir” follows the story of the author herself, strolling down her struggles of the past as a teenage girl with the scarcity of food and finance in the search for a finer education. Eventually, she persevered and received a scholarship from a prestigious school. Unknowingly, she would meet a veteran who would turn out to be the love of her life.

A fascinating book for readers who sought a life of love and success. The silver lining in life is a reminder to face the challenges in life for a brighter hereafter.

“….it is Carrington’s entertaining, romantic, and well-written story of her unexpected discovery of the man who will become her life partner that makes]this book the most enjoyable.”, says US Review of Books

Rachel Carrington, whose real name is Ruth Claxton, is the firstborn of eleven siblings in her family. Claxton makes her way through life by working to make ends meet while meeting the love of her life along her journey. She uses her story to inspire readers to never give up on life and trust the Heavenly Father with the challenges along the way.

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