The Gifts of Pain, Volume 2

Award-winning storytelling strategist, Dr. Elayna Fernández, announces the release of her multi-author book featuring 31 new authors and their inspiring stories

With Elayna’s system, for the first time, I was able to face my traumatic childhood experience, understand its life-long limitation on my life, articulate the trauma, and witness the Gift it gave me.”

— Prof. Emerita Jean Gardner

FORT WORTH, TX, TX, UNITED STATES, May 20, 2024 / — Award-winning Storyteller and Storytelling Strategist, Dr. Elayna Fernández has announced her latest book, The Gifts of Pain: Daily Stories and Strategies for Insight, Inspiration, and Inner Peace in Adversity.

The second volume in The Gifts of Pain series of multi-author collections under Dr. Fernández’s guidance is slated to release on June 21, 2024.

This non-fiction book contains 31 chapters, penned by co-authors of diverse backgrounds, ages 10 to 84, under Dr. Fernández’s guidance, using her powerful S.T.O.R.Y. System. Their vulnerable stories include fear, rape, incest, sexual violence, domestic abuse, discrimination, bullying, self-harming thoughts and behavior, miscarriage, incarceration, suicide, infidelity, abortion, terminal illness and death, crime, estrangement, school shooting, financial distress, mental illness, and other content types that may be upsetting or triggering.

A self-proclaimed “Student of Pain,” Fernández shares practical wisdom at the beginning and end of the book. She invited each to share their painful stories and worked with them to craft their stories and interactive activities “to help readers process and transform their pain.”

“There’s so much effort behind the scenes – and so many emotions… So much love!” she said of the book writing and publishing journey.

Recently, the featured authors opened up about their hopes for readers and the process of writing their 300-word chapters:

Jacia Kornwise, author of “From Invisibility to Visibility, by Jacia Kornwise,” shares: “My story will help anyone who has ever felt as if there is something wrong to embrace themselves fully, come out of hiding, and thrive. I hope the readers will take away the inspiration to start using movement and dance to heal themselves, clear trauma, and reinvent themselves from the inside out.”

Shanna Faye, author of “From Bankrupt to Thriving,” shared that her chapter is for “people who are stuck/frozen in fearful life circumstances and don’t know how to get themselves out of it.” Her readers will receive “a simple tool/application that can help them overcome freeze and helplessness and create a positive outcome for themselves.”

Janet Krebs, author of “From Mourning to Miracles,” says: “My story helps a silenced audience of parents who lose babies whether through miscarriage or premature death. These parents mourn the child and the dreams.”

“I am ready for my voice to be heard,” says Krebs of sharing her story after almost 30 years, hoping that readers take away that “True healing does come.”

Jessica Radiance, author of “From Frozen to Flying,” declared: “My story will help those who have gotten lost in their illness. I hope the reader will take away a renewed sense of possibility and begin showing up for themselves on their road to reclaiming their health, speaking with their bodies in new and meaningful ways.

Carmen Theobald, author of “From Fear to Freedom,” shares that her chapter will help “people who have experienced traumatic events.” She hopes The Gifts of Pain readers will take away “that it’s possible to find ways to move through traumatic events and feel whole again.”

Dr. Melina Roberts, author of “From Death to Healing,” tells us “My story will help anyone going through a health challenge. I hope the reader will gain hope from reading about my life experiences that led me to my life’s work that they can heal from whatever health issue they may be facing.”

Prof. Emerita Jean Gardner, author of “From Outcast to Finding Myself!,” shares that her story will help “anyone who does not fit into the world they were born into, who feels lost…” She hopes her chapter readers find the “courage to claim their unique self. Courage to step into their life fully present… It is everyone’s story, but no one is empowering us to understand that to survive we need all voices to be respected, listened to, and heard.”

Deborah S. Greenhut, PhD, author of “From Weakness to Empowerment,” My S.T.O.R.Y. will help people who suffer from bullying to remain the grown-ups in charge of their own feelings. I hope the reader will take away the understanding that silence can be a thoughtful and powerful way to stand up for yourself and have a tool to use to formulate a rational response.”

Sherril Harris, author of “From Powerless to Peaceful,” assures that her chapter “will help anyone who is laboring under the weight of a situation that cannot be changed and that they wish to find peace with. I hope the reader will take away how much emotional freedom we create when we are able to make space for what cannot be changed.”

Linn McKeown, author of “From Fear and Disease to Faith and Health,” expressed: “My story will help people who want to heal themselves from the inside out. I hope the reader will know that healing is a pain-free, cost-free inside job and that they are their own personal healer.”

Dr. Paula C. Perez, author of “From Heartbreak to Laughter,” told us: “My story will help anyone who is dealing with pain in their life. I want the reader to walk away knowing that their perspective can turn the trajectory of their healing. My story paints the reality of the “pain” I was experiencing at the time, but it also shows how quickly our emotions can change. Our brains are powerful tools in our healing.”

Tony Jones, author of “From Bondage to Breakthrough,” shared: “My story will help everyday people believe in themselves. It will help people who are directly affected by a systemic criminal justice system to hold themselves accountable and learn how to respond to criminal and civil charges. I hope the reader takes away from my story the power of not accepting no as an answer.”

Lorena P. Frey, MS, LMFT, author of “From Loss to Love,” said: “My story will help survivors of trafficking by empowering them to overcome the stigma associated with their experiences. I hope my story facilitates healing that enables grief and that readers recognize the importance of compassion and the power of acknowledging and mourning the loss of an unborn baby or the loss of a child, which can help heal emotional wounds and offer a pathway out of trauma.”

Brook Wineland, author of “From Belittled to Empowered,” told us her story will help “anyone who feels disempowered by ai and is uncertain of the role they play in the future of technology.” She hopes readers gain “a sense of optimism and freedom around the rise of ai; that computers (ai) can unlock a brighter future and all of us can contribute, regardless of our background and technical experience.”

Ahaumna AhMaYah, author of “From Mania to Liberation,” shared “My story will help anyone who is navigating through difficulties with their mental health and is open to alternative perspectives towards healing that incorporates their energy body and spirituality as an integral aspect of their recovery.” She hopes that readers learn “that most often our greatest pains in life are meant to be our greatest awakeners.”

Mariya Shiyko, PhD, MM, author of “From Suicide to Joyful Leadership,” assured: “My story will help people move from painful past experiences to self-acceptance and purpose. The takeaway of the story is our inherent wholeness, love, and joy and our ability to align with those qualities in daily life.”

Lauren Scott, the 10-year-old author of “From Fearful to Fearless,” shared “My story will help everyone who is dealing with challenges and hardships now or will likely face them in the future. I hope the reader will take away the tools and confidence to solve problems and be unafraid of challenges.”

April Chavez, author of “From Peril to Perception,” told us “This story speaks to those seeking healing, mindfulness, spiritual growth, wellness, and empowerment. It offers insights for individuals exploring self-discovery, emotional balance, and personal transformation. I hope readers begin the research of self-discovery spiritually, intellectually, and physically as the starting point for transformation. May it inspire a journey of healing, mindfulness, and personal growth, nurturing inner selves, and embracing change because it’s the only constant.”

Tatjana Stoljarova, author of “From Helpless to Helpful,” shared: “My story will help families, educators, and immigrants who want to raise their children to be bilingual or multilingual and understand the benefits and challenges of multilingualism. I hope the reader will feel empowered that it is possible to raise bilingual kids and that multilingualism has many powers: it is a bridge for connection, a door to true diversity, and a key that unlocks opportunities.”

Aruna Ramamurthy, author of “From Hurt to Worth,” shared that her story is for “anyone who had fatalistic thoughts because they felt devalued and insignificant.” She wants readers to know “that it’s possible to break cycles, find joy, and feel worthy.”

Mitesh Kapadia, author of “From Powerlessness to Inner Strength,” told us “This story is for all the men out there who’ve been told that suppressing their emotions is the way to be a man. The way it’s intended to be received is to see that there is great freedom in being able to accept all parts of being a man.”

Aryana Altaha, author of “From Surviving to Living,” shared that her chapter will help “anyone, but especially youth, whose goal of achieving their full potential has negatively impacted their mental health. I hope readers understand they do not have to be perfect to be good enough. I understand youth’s perspectives and I can relate to them.”

Hanan Merabi, author of “From Orphan to Orchestrator,” shares her story will help “anyone needing some inspiration” and hopes the reader will take away “that grit and self-belief can help you accomplish all things.”

Kimberly Urbanek, author of “From Self-Blame to Self-Advocacy,” wrote her story for “people who have struggled to speak up or have felt guilt or shame over something that they should not be held accountable for. I hope the reader will feel a sense of relief from having to carry their heavy burden of guilt or shame by exploring their own situations and releasing these feelings. I hope they’ll feel empowered and armed with new skills to be able to better address conflict, forgiveness of self, and the ability to set limits and find their voice. My chapter offers evidence-based solutions to empower them in their everyday lives.”

Erika Nabuurs, BSc, author of “From Miscarriage to Motherhood,” said of her chapter that it “will help women who have miscarried their baby. I hope the reader will take away the strength and courage to let go of their pain, their grief, and their baby.”

Katrina Burrus, Ph.D. MCC, author of “From Limiting Self to Self Freedom,” assured that her chapter can “help leaders that are hampered by their limiting beliefs that they integrated into their identity. Their limiting beliefs have impeded them from being fully successful, efficient, and engaging.” She hopes the readers will gain “awareness of their limiting beliefs to allow them to access their full potential and quadruple their outcome. Self-awareness of their behavior patterns will allow them to be much more strategic in reaching their desired outcome instead of reacting to a past trauma.”

Charlene D. Quint, Esq., C.D.V.P., author of “From Victim to Victorious,” told us: “This story will encourage anyone who has been in a toxic or abusive relationship that they can heal, recover, and live the abundant life they were designed to live. I hope readers will know that when they recognize, remove, and replace lies with truth they will recognize, remove, and recover from abuse. Domestic abuse is the most silenced, misunderstood epidemic of our time. Thirty-five percent of women will experience rape, stalking or physical abuse, and 48 percent of women will experience emotional and verbal abuse and coercive control. Essentially, half of all women experience abuse. I hope to change that.”

Nora Aleta Blom, author of “From Shame to Grace,” tells us that her “story will help incest survivors know they are not alone. I hope the reader finds a little bit of healing and a whole lot of hope.”

Shakti Sharma, author of “From Emotional Freeze to Intuitive Awakening,” shared: “My story will support individuals experiencing any level of emotional pain to resolve their pain through their innate intuitive wisdom. My chapter also provides a powerful 3 step process to shift your pain into empowerment. My intention is for readers to see how easy it can be to turn their emotional pain into their deepest empowerment.”

Ann Marie Flynn, PhD, author of “From Ostracized to Dignified,” expressed “My story will assist individuals suffering from Academic Mobbing, providing them with insight and strategies for coping, underscoring that they are not alone in their experiences. Readers will learn about Academic Mobbing, understand it is a systemic issue rather than personal failure, and discover paths toward healing and redemption from such environments.”

Dr. Fernández dedicated the book to “Coach T,” The Gifts of Pain author Terence P. Dixon, who tragically passed away shortly after submitting his chapter “From Self-Deception to Self-Healing.”

To learn more about these featured authors, visit @thegiftsofpain on Instagram and follow the #thegiftsofpain hashtag.

Why invest in your own copy of The Gifts of Pain? Lorena Frey, a bestselling author in The Gifts of Pain volume 1 who is also featured on volume 2 of the series says:

“This amazing book provides invaluable insights into turning suffering into strength and pain into perseverance. It offers diverse stories and practical methods for dealing with pain that can inspire readers to find hope and healing in their own lives.”

You can buy copies of The Gifts of Pain series on Amazon. Make sure you support the authors on book launch day – June 21, 2024.

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