Trump Won’t Do a Day in Jail Says Politicom

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No jail for Trump says DC political compliance firm Politicom LLC

Giving back is how we make amends for bad acts.”

— Steve Comisar

NEW YORK, NY, USA, April 7, 2023/ — Tuesday, April 5, 2023, former President Donald J. Trump was indicted in New York State Court in Lower Manhattan on 34 felony counts of falsifying business records regarding the potential cover-up involving porn actress Stormy Daniels. This marks the first time ever any American President has been indicted of a crime. If convicted on all counts, Trump could face over 10 years in prison.

Jason Prasda, media spokesman for Politicom LLC, the Washington, DC political compliance firm, said, “Some wealthy and powerful people such as politicians don’t do a day in jail. One of the ways they accomplish this is by paying an enormous fine. The other way is to do several thousand hours of community service. The only way a criminal defendant can avoid prison time is to be found not guilty by a jury or to plead guilty with a binding plea agreement in which the judge agrees to community service instead of incarceration.”

Actor Steve Comisar is an expert on community service and giving back. He is a former con man who went to federal prison for fraud. He knows all the ropes and he has some good advice for Trump. Comisar says, “Someone as wealthy and powerful as Trump has many contacts that could easily get him into community service projects where he could best utilize his skills. Public speaking would be a great way for Trump to give back and burn off many of his community service hours the court can impose. I’ve done thousands of hours of community service in my lifetime instead of prison. I wrote a bestselling book on fraud prevention, was a guest star on dozens of TV talk shows and booked recurring appearances on The View and Dateline NBC. All of this instead of going to prison.”

Comisar has been a Hollywood actor since his early teens appearing in numerous movies, television shows and commercials. After his prison release in 2017 Comisar found it difficult to book acting jobs so he decided to shift gears and give back for his transgressions. Whether Comisar gets his once promising acting career back on track is something to be seen. But for now he spends his time looking for ways to help make less fortunate peoples lives a little easier by doing community service and making amends.

As for Trump, Jason at Politicom says, “Enjoy the show folks. At the end of the day you might see our once President Donald Trump standing besides actor Steve Comisar on the side of the road doing community service. I don’t think Trump will ever see the inside of a prison unless the Feds indict him. But that’s just my opinion.”

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