VentureOut Launches – A Revolutionary App for Travelers to Discover, Explore, and Relive Adventures

ASHEVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA, UNITED STATES, January 21, 2024 / — Today marks the official launch of VentureOut, a travel companion app offering new ways for travelers to plan, explore, and preserve memories of their journeys. Developed by tech and travel enthusiast Eric Crews, VentureOut integrates various travel-related functionalities to assist travelers in their adventures.

“VentureOut is more than just an app; it’s the embodiment of every traveler’s dream,” said Eric Crews, Founder of VentureOut. “Our goal is to make exploring new areas easy and memorable. With features like our interactive map, users can not only discover and navigate new destinations but also create a vivid, digital tapestry of their travels.”

VentureOut’s standout feature is its interactive map, allowing users to log and revisit their travel experiences. This unique function turns each journey into a visual story, enabling users to relive their adventures long after they’ve returned home.

In the coming weeks, VentureOut is set to launch an exciting new feature: the Book Designer and Publishing Service. This addition will enable users to create beautifully designed travel books, both digital and print, from their journeys. “We’re particularly excited about the Book Designer feature. It’s a tangible way for travelers to capture and share their experiences,” Crews added, reflecting on the upcoming feature’s potential to enrich the travel experience.

Additionally, VentureOut is actively engaging with several nonprofit organizations, aiming to forge partnerships that benefit these entities. “We see a great opportunity to support nonprofit organizations through our referral program,” explained Crews. “A portion of the revenue generated in the app will be directed back to our nonprofit partners, creating a sustainable and meaningful revenue stream for them.”

This approach not only offers a new funding avenue for nonprofits but also aligns with the company’s ethos of community and shared experiences. “Travel is about connection – to places, cultures, and people. By partnering with nonprofits, we extend this connection to a broader community, making a positive impact beyond the app,” Crews stated.

As VentureOut steps into the market, it brings a fresh perspective to travel technology, blending exploration, memory-keeping, and community engagement in a seamless digital experience. The VentureOut app is tailored for travelers looking for a comprehensive tool to assist in their travel planning and documentation.

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