Author Linda Peterson’s New Book ‘Want to Come to the Forest of Make Believe?’ is a Captivating Tale of a Young Boy on a Journey Full of Imagination and Adventure
Author Christina Schwabauer’s New Book ‘The True Meaning of Christmas’ is a Faith-Based Read to Help Young Readers Discover the Reason Why One Celebrates Christmas
Landon Parker’s New Book ‘Militia Justice: The Fall of a Wrestling Legend’ Follows the Author as He Investigates a Crime for Which His Father Was Accused Of
Melanie Gomez’s New Book ‘Our World’ is a Powerful Exploration of the World and the Unique Differences That Set People Apart, Creating a World of Diversity and Beauty
Sheila Nickell’s New Book ‘Snuggle Buddy’ is a Charming Children’s Story About a Little Bunny Seeking the Comfort of Someone to Snuggle With as He Readies for Bed
Author Nat Steer’s New Book, ‘The Time Warp’, is a Faith-Based Philosophy Meant to Attain Consciousness Whilst Contemplating Time and Space
Author Ruthann Masters’ new book ‘The Do Over’ is a captivating drama that follows a wife and mother who gets a second chance at life to repair her past mistakes
Author Corey Haga’s New Book ‘Stillwater: A New Beginning’ Follows Young Sam Forman Who Was Born a Slave in America and Must Do Whatever It Takes to Survive
Abbi Weber’s New Book ‘A Place to Live’ is a Thrilling Look Into the Not-So-Leisurely Lives of Retirees and the Circumstances They Get Into in Their Golden Years
Author Donald B. Thompson’s New Book, ‘Finding Strength to Go on When You Are All Cried Out: My Life, My Love, My Loss, My Story’ Shares a Remarkable Life Story