Blue Balls: Blu Del Barrio and Ian Alexander of Star Trek: Discovery to star in vampire horror comedy

Star Trek: Discovery co-stars Blu Del Barrio and Ian Alexander are reuniting on the vampire horror comedy Blue Balls

Star Trek: Discovery co-stars Blu Del Barrio (who plays Adira Tal on the show) and Ian Alexander (who plays Gray Tal) will share the screen again in the upcoming vampire horror comedy Blue Balls, Variety reports. The feature directorial debut of Léa Fae Caddigan, the film is expected to head into production sometime this summer.

With a screenplay by Caddigan and Meredith Metcalf, Blue Balls will follow Emma, who, back at home in her small town, wants nothing more than a night of driving around and hanging out with her best friend, Mara. But when they meet Tom and Jack, Mara invites these two strangers back to their place to get to know each other better.  The only problem is that Emma is a virgin as is Tom. But Tom’s not a sexual virgin, he’s a vampire who’s never killed before and he’s hoping tonight will be the night for him to join a centuries-old vampire fraternity. As the two humans fight for their lives with every weapon they can find, this horror show turns into a comedic blood battle for their freedom. 

Emma will be the first starring role for newcomer Clare Noelle. Blu Del Barrio is taking on the role of Mara, while Ian Alexander will be playing a character named Callidora. Charlie Hiscock (Ted Lasso) is set to play Tom.

Jake Casey and Danielle Benedict are producing Blue Balls through The Dazey Phase, which is a production, sales and distribution company.

Caddigan provided the following statement: “Blue Balls is relevant to anyone who has ever felt like romance, sex, dating, and life is a survivor’s sport. I like stories that deliver deep points and hard truths with humor and action, and no one expects stunt sequences, car chases, and bloody vampires in a film that explores consent, coercion and personal agency. I couldn’t have asked for a better team than the folks at Dazey Phase, whose dedication to responsible storytelling and championing unique perspectives is unwavering.

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