Bride Hard: Rebel Wilson to star in an action comedy from Expendables 2 director Simon West

Pitch Perfect and Senior Year star Rebel Wilson is a secret agent attending her childhood best friend’s wedding in Bride Hard.

Move over, John McClane. There’s a new action star in town. As Hollywood reels from the ongoing WGA writers’ strike, a new project starring Pitch Perfect star Rebel Wilson is coming. Bride Hard is an action comedy coming from Expendables 2 director Simon West. According to Deadline, the plot follows “badass secret agent Sam (Rebel Wilson) who has been tasked with one of her hardest missions yet – being a Maid of Honor for her childhood best friend.”

Shaina Steinberg wrote the script from a story by Steinberg and CeCe Pleasants. Balcony 9 Productions is producing and financing, with Joel David Moore, Max Osswald, Cassian Elwes, and Colleen Camp producing. Bride Hard heads to this year’s Cannes market for a potential sale.

Bride Hard combines action, adventure and comedy. These are genres I love to mix together. I’ve done it in the past with films like Expendables 2 or even going back to Con-Air and Tomb Raider, said West. “I think audiences will love this. It operates on so many levels. It’s exciting, glamorous, a huge ensemble cast and with Rebel Wilson in the lead it’s guaranteed to be hilarious.”

I wonder who else is part of the Bride Hard cast. I’d also like to know more about the plot, seeing that being a bridesmaid could lead to many wedding-related and secret agent shenanigans. Anyone who’s been part of a wedding party knows emotions are high on the bride and groom’s wedding day. What if enemy agents learn of Sam being out in the open, and they decide to attack her at the wedding? There’s no telling what could happen as caterers and clergy alike find themselves at the business end of a gun.

Rebel Wilson recently starred in Senior Year for Netflix. Alex Hardcastle directs from a script by Andrew Kanuer, Arthur Pielli, and Brandon Scott Jones. The plot revolves around a cheerleading stunt gone wrong, which lands Stephanie (Wilson) in a 20-year coma. When she wakes up, 37-year-old Stephanie still wants to live her high school dream of becoming prom queen.

With Wilson having a knack for comedy and being ready to break into an action role, Bride Hard could be a genre mash-up worth getting excited about.

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