Child’s Play: A Visual Memoir book released by director Tom Holland

Child’s Play director Tom Holland has released the book Child’s Play: A Visual Memoir, packed with pictures and recollections

Director Tom Holland has recently been revisiting his classic projects with books. He teamed up with A. Jack Ulrich to write a novel called Fright Night: Origins, which kicks off a trilogy of books set in the world of 1985 vampire film Fright Night. Now he has released Child’s Play: A Visual Memoir (pick up a copy HERE), which looks back at the making of his 1988 killer doll movie Child’s Play!

The book has the following description: Child’s Play: A Visual Memoir is a collection of behind-the-scenes photos from the making of the horror classic Child’s Play. Many of these images have never been released to the public before and they are accompanied by stories from the set by writer/director Tom Holland, legendary cinematographer Bill Butler, FX maestro Howard Berger, and stunt coordinator Bud Davis. Chris Sarandon provides an intro to the book and Alex Vincent adds an afterword. In addition, the book contains Tom’s original treatment for Child’s Play so fans can experience the journey from conception to the set. The treatment had been considered “lost” for many years and was only recently rediscovered among a collection of Tom’s previously unpublished works. Child’s Play: A Visual Memoir is a must have for any Chucky fan. Learn how of the whole story began and the journey it took to the silver screen.

The book has a page count of 152.

Holland provided our friends at Bloody Disgusting with the following statement: “There were so many great creative partners that I had on this project. Not only did I have great contributions from so many people involved with the original film but A. Jack Ulrich (who he collaborated with on Fright Night: Origins) and Christian Francis (who is working with him on the novel, Killing Frank) really brought this book to life. I’m excited to be launching Child’s Play: A Visual Memoir, and to share some of the magic moments from this film, from development through character creation and on-set production. Our fans all around the world are in for a treat!

This sounds like a must-have for the die-hard Chucky fans out there.

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