Chris Pratt set to star in Way of the Warrior Kid for McG in big Skydance global deal

Skydance saw and conquered a huge global deal for the upcoming McG movie that Chris Pratt is set to star in about a Navy SEAL helping his nephew deal with life.

As Skydance wrapped up its merger deal with Paramount, the studio has also secured a global deal for a film package that includes Chris Pratt for the adaptation of Way of the Warrior Kid, which came out to $80-$85 million dollars. According to Deadline, that total made this the single biggest package deal out of the film market since Apple had attached onto Emancipation back in 2020. It was revealed just ahead of the Cannes market that Pratt was set to star in the project for director McG.

The film is written by screenwriter Will Staples, whose past credits include the Michael B. Jordan movie Without Remorse, and is adapted from the children’s novel by retired Navy SEAL, Jocko Willink. The book’s plot synopsis, per Deadline, reads, “The youth empowerment tale follows a self-doubting boy who gets bullied and is hard-pressed to complete a single pull-up. That’s until his uncle Jake, an elite Navy SEAL, is injured on a mission and moves in with his sister for rehab. When he discovers his 11-year-old nephew Marc is struggling academically, socially and physically, Jake takes on a new mission: using his SEAL Team training over three months of summer to help the youth find his inner warrior. Although the kid learns about swimming, math, exercise, health, and fighting, the book isn’t only about those things. It’s as much about what can be achieved with focus and discipline and how to overcome fears, stand up for oneself, solve problems and develop confidence.”

Skydance saw the project early on and wanted to pursue it immediately as they competed with other indie studio buyers as well as some bigger production studios. However, Skydance’s offer was too appealing to pass on and it was expected that the studio would reach a global deal.

Pratt expressed his excitement, “Will Staples’ screenplay is incredible. I’ve known Jocko Willink for a couple of years, so I was eager to read the script based on his series of children’s books. I believe in the power of storytelling and felt particularly called to the material. I have faith this film will help to shape today’s youth, putting them on the right path. Our young people need this movie. Making films like this is why I created Indivisible Productions. In a world that feels divided, I believe it’s crucial to remember that we are one nation, and I hope this story will help bridge the growing divide and inspire the next generation to learn valuable lessons about discipline, self-reliance, strength, and compassion.”

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