Damson Idris to star alongside Brad Pitt in Apple’s Formula One racing film

Swarm and Snowfall actor Damson Idris is getting behind the wheel of Apple’s Formula One racing film to star alongside Brad Pitt.

Snowfall and Swarm star Damson Idris is ready to get behind the wheel for Apple‘s Formula One racing film starring Brad Pitt. Idris’ appointment to the role comes after an exhaustive casting process filled with meetings, auditions, and driving tests. Joseph Kosinski and Jerry Bruckheimer are in charge of the project, with Kosinski directing fresh from his chart-topping success with Top Gun: Maverick. Idris will star alongside Pitt, who recently starred in David Leitch’s Bullet Train and Damien Chazelle’s Babylon.

In addition to directing, Kosinski produces with Bruckheimer and Chad Oman of Bruckheimer Films. Seven-time Formula One champion Lewis Hamilton and Plan B also produce, with Copper CEO Penni Thow executive producing.

The team behind Kosinski’s Formula One racing film has been searching for Pitt’s co-star since November. Idris’ name shot to the top of the list early on, but it took time to narrow the roster. In addition to acting his pants off at several auditions, Idris needed to show he could handle harsh driving conditions under intense pressure. Kosinski adores practical effects and wants his stars to perform most of their scenes behind the wheel. There will likely be exceptions, but you’ve got to drive like a pro if you want the job.


Apple’s Formula One racing film revolves around Pitt’s character, a racer who comes out of retirement to mentor a young driver. While showing the new blood the ropes, the seasoned racer positions himself as the young driver’s teammate. It’s like Creed, but there’s a looping track instead of a squared circle.

According to sources, Apple paid a handsome sum for Kosinski’s new project. How much? Try $130 million to $140 million! The deal is one of the most significant acquisitions for a streaming service. One thing is for sure, Kosinski is one of the hottest tickets in town after the staggering success of Top Gun: Maverick.

Are you interested in Apple and Joseph Kosinski’s Formula One racing film? What do you think about Damson Idris joining the cast? Are you a fan of F1 Racing? We’ll bring you more details as this project races toward the finish line.

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