Frasier revival is a “form of ministry” for star Kelsey Grammer to “spread the good word”

The good doctor, Frasier Crane, is set to make his return on Paramount+. And the show’s star is excited to put out the good vibes again.

Hello, readers. I’m listening. The former NBC sitcom Frasier was able to transcend being just a spin-off of the equally popular Cheers as Dr. Frasier Crane starts life anew in Seattle. He has a job on the radio and is thrust into a tense living situation as he harbors his injured father, with whom he has a strained relationship. The show would win a total of 37 Emmys during its run. The sitcom displayed an immense amount of heart as it explored mental health awareness along with an engaging family drama at its core. And because of the handling of its heavy themes, there was much catharsis in the intimately written poignant moments.

Now that Frasier is getting a revival on the streaming service, Paramount+, the show’s star, Kelsey Grammer, speaks about the continuing wholesome message that the life of Frasier Crane exudes. According to IndieWire, Grammer had given an interview at The Independent when he said that Frasier was a way to put out positivity. “The ethics of Frasier – the study of good, let’s say – was important to us. It seemed important to all the people that were involved in the original one, and it has remained important in the show today.”

Grammer continued, Frasier has been my ministry, you could say. He’s trying to spread the good word, to put some love in the world – and tolerance, true tolerance. Those are powerful words, but most people use them to manipulate. I think tolerance is a beautiful, beautiful concept. Not particularly realized in behavior in our country, but still a good goal.” The details of the revival are still mum, but Grammer insists that it’s not exactly a sequel show but sort of a new entity with Frasier at the center. “This isn’t really a spin-off. It’s more of a third act or fourth act. A spin-off of a spin-off.”

The classically-trained actor even thinks this revival has the potential to surpass what the original Frasier has been able to accomplish. And although there are some inevitable returning actors, Grammer took the time to praise the brand new cast for this series, “At first, you cast these people, you’ve never seen them before. And boy, by about the middle of the second show, I thought, ‘Son of a gun. He’s actually doing it. He’s like Frasier’s kid. Wow.’ So I think it’s gonna be a great discovery for people. There’s some new people on the show to really fall in love with, and arguably it may even be funnier.”

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