Fright Krewe: Eli Roth teams with James Frey and Dreamworks for gateway horror series

Dreamworks, Eli Roth, and James Frey have teamed up for the gateway horror animated series Fright Krewe, coming to Hulu and Peacock

Genre regular Eli Roth has another horror project coming our way – but this one won’t be nearly as brutal or bloody as the likes of Cabin Fever or Hostel. Instead, it’s some “gateway horror” entertainment that comes in the form of an animated series called Fright Krewe. Said to be aimed at “older children”, the first season of Fright Krewe will consist of ten episodes that will be released through both the Hulu and Peacock streaming services. A premiere date has not yet been announced.

The Wrap reports that Roth has teamed up with Dreamworks and author James Frey to bring this series to the screen – and they also point out that Frey is a rather controversial figure. His books A Million Little Pieces and My Friend Leonard were initially marketed as memoirs, but it was soon revealed that large portions of them were either exaggerated or made up. He then started the publishing company Full Fathom Five, which is home to the Lorien Legacies book series (the first entry, I Am Number Four, received a film adaptation) and has also stirred up some controversy.

As for Fright Krewe, the 2D animated series will tell the following story: An ancient prophecy and a Voodoo Queen put misfit teens in charge of saving New Orleans from the biggest demonic threat it’s faced in almost two centuries. But, honestly? Saving the world might be easier than becoming friends.

Roth and Frey are executive producing the series with Joanna Lewis and Kristine Songco. Shane Acker and Mitchell Smith serve as co-executive producers.

In addition to Cabin Fever and Hostel, Roth has directed Hostel: Part II, Knock Knock, The Green Inferno, Death Wish, and The House with a Clock in Its Walls. His video game adaptation Borderlands and his long-awaited slasher Thanksgiving are coming soon. The Wrap reminds that he previously co-created an animated show called Chowdaheads that was supposed to be shown during WCW wrestling matches but never aired, and an adult animated series called The Rotten Fruit that only lasted for three episodes.

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