John Carpenter’s Toxic Commando trailer: video game will let players blast ghouls in 2024

A trailer has been released for the upcoming first-person shooter game John Carpenter’s Toxic Commando. Check it out!

John Carpenter has been very open about the fact that is a gamer – and now he has put his name on the upcoming first-person shooter horror game John Carpenter’s Toxic Commando, which is set to reach PC (through the Epic Games Store), PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series S|X sometime in 2024. This game is coming our way from Focus Home Entertainment and Saber Interactive, and it’s powered by Swarm Engine. To let us get a look at what John Carpenter’s Toxic Commando has in store for us, they have dropped a trailer for the game online, and you can watch it at the bottom of this article.

The game has the following set-up: A science experiment to extract power from Earth’s core goes horribly wrong, waking the so-called Sludge God, an entity capable of transforming people into zombies. Players will be able to play solo or cooperatively, choosing from a variety of deadly equipment (such as grenades, katanas, and regular weapons) and special abilities to create the perfect loadout against the undead nightmare.

Carpenter provided WCCFTech with the following statement: “It’s exciting to be collaborating on a new video game with Focus and Saber. Look, I really like shooting zombies. They keep telling me that they’re called ’the infected.’ Please. They’re ghouls, dude. They blow up real good and there are a ton of them. People are going to love this game.

Saber’s Chief Creative Officer Tim Willits added: “We’re excited to partner with our friends at Focus again and thrilled to collaborate with the legendary John Carpenter on this project. His unique vision, unparalleled expertise in storytelling, and ability to create immersive atmospheres have helped us to elevate this all-new, 80s-inspired experience to the next level. His works have been an inspiration for years and it’s an honor to work alongside him to deliver a truly unforgettable adventure.

And Focus’s Managing Director John Bert had this to say: “We’re happy to team up once again with our historical partner Saber. After World War Z, Space Marine 2, Insurgency, SnowRunner, and many others, Toxic Commando is a new entry into the successful long-term relationship between Focus and Saber. We cannot wait to unveil more about this new amazing IP created by the talented teams at Saber, and leverage Focus’ expertise in turning new franchises into worldwide hits.

What do you think of the John Carpenter’s Toxic Commando trailer? Will you be playing this game next year? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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