Michael Bay to create a true crime series for the Investigation Discovery network

The director known for Transformers and Bad Boys has set his sights on unscripted television that deals with little-known crime cases.

Who says Michael Bay doesn’t care about story? The explosion maestro even says, “I’m a storyteller at heart.” Athough a new Transformers movie drops this year, Bay is no longer in the driver’s seat, but he is still on board as a producer. However, Bay has just recently closed a deal with the Investigation Discovery channel for executive producing a new series that will be dealing with true crime according to Deadline. The network has stated that the show will expose terrifying but lesser-known true crime stories.

Bay has issued a statement that addressing his partnership with Investigation Discovery and why he’s excited for his new show, “I’m a storyteller at heart. I’m fascinated by the human mind and exploring what makes each of us tick. When you approach documenting real-life crime from that perspective, the end result is always intriguing. Known for the caliber of their programming, Investigation Discovery’s expertise in unscripted true crime is second to none, and I can’t wait to expose one of the most twisted crimes of the century.” 

Jason Sarlanis, President of Crime and Investigative Content, Linear and Streaming, would also speak about the new collaboration with the big budget director, “When Michael Bay first approached us to collaborate on a true crime project, we instantly knew we wanted to join forces. Michael Bay is an incredibly dynamic filmmaker and producer whose vision and storytelling appeals to audiences far and wide. This partnership will be the perfect addition to our blockbuster nights on ID.” 

After decades of cinematic mayhem, Bay has once took a break from the Transformers movies to make a lower-key dramedy, Pain and Gain, which itself was based on an incredibly bonkers real-life crime involving bodybuilders and their kidnapping and stealing of a wealthy man’s fortune and assets as they view it as the American dream. The true case was a strange one and Michael Bay played it for laughs as a dark comedy.

With the popularity of Making a Murderer, Tiger King, and even something like Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story bringing in viewers on Netflix, as well as cult followings of primetime network news specials like Dateline, 20/20 and the like, the morbid curiosity and fascination with such interesting material continues to thrive with audiences.

The yet-to-be-titled show is set to release in 2024.

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