Physical: Rose Byrne comedy canceled by Apple after three seasons

Apple TV+ has canceled Physical after three seasons, the comedy series starring Rose Byrne as housewife turned female lifestyle guru.

Pack up your leg warmers because the ’80s are over! Apple announced via Deadline that they have canceled Physical after three seasons. The comedy series stars Rose Byrne as Shelia Rubin, a quietly tortured, seemingly dutiful housewife who finds release in the world of aerobics. The final season of Physical will debut on Apple TV+ on August 2nd.

We are so grateful to Apple, Tomorrow Studios, and all our creative collaborators for the chance to bring Sheila to life in all her gritty glory,” said star and executive producer Rose Byrne and creator, writer and executive producer Annie Weisman in a statement. “With this final season, Sheila’s three-act saga of rebellion, recovery, and redemption comes to the satisfying conclusion that she and her fans so richly deserve. We feel so proud to share this last chapter with everyone.” Deadline’s report states that the third season was written to be the final chapter and will give fans a satisfying conclusion.

In another statement, Matt Cherniss, head of programming for Apple TV+, said, “Over the course of three enthralling seasons of Physical, we have been honored to work with Annie Weisman and Tomorrow Studios to bring Sheila Rubin’s journey of transformation and personal empowerment to the screen through Rose Byrne’s fearless, moving, and often very funny, portrayal. We are aware of just how much of an impact this character and story has had on audiences around the world and can’t wait for them to join us on this final exhilarating ride that culminates in an immensely rewarding finale for this celebrated series.” The third season will feature Zooey Deschanel, who plays Kelly, a network sitcom star who decides to enter the burgeoning fitness industry. You can check out a review of the first season of Physical from our own Alex Maidy right here.

The official synopsis for Physical:

Set in the idyllic but fragile beach paradise of sunny 1980s San Diego, “Physical” is a half-hour dark comedy following Sheila Rubin, a quietly tortured, seemingly dutiful housewife supporting her smart but controversial husband’s bid for state assembly. But behind closed doors, Sheila has her own darkly funny take on life she rarely lets the world see. She’s also battling a complex set of personal demons relating to her self-image… that is, until she finds release through the unlikeliest source: the world of aerobics.

At first hooked on the exercise itself, Sheila’s real road to empowerment comes when she discovers a way to merge this newfound passion with the burgeoning technology of videotape to start a revolutionary business. The series tracks her epic journey from a stifled, overlooked enabler to a powerful, confident economic force, as Sheila transforms into someone we take for granted today (but was entirely radical at the time) — the female lifestyle guru.

Although Physical may have been canceled, Rose Byrne will be sticking with Apple TV+. She’s set to reunite with Seth Rogen in Platonic, a comedy series created by Nick Stoller and Francesca Delbanco. The series follows “a platonic pair of former best friends approaching midlife who reconnect after a long rift. The duo’s friendship becomes all consuming—and destabilizes their lives in a hilarious way.” The first three episodes will premiere on May 24th, followed by one new episode weekly through to July 12th.

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