Poll: Favorite Horror Franchise

Twitter accounts illegally upload entire Super Mario Bros. Movie

It’s-a me, copyright infringement! Numerous Twitter users uploaded the entire Super Mario Bros. Movie to the platform over the past week.

Adam McKay’s Average Height, Average Build heads to Netflix

Average Height, Average Build will reunite Adam McKay with Netflix following 2021’s Oscar-nominated Don’t Look Up.

Summer Horror Movie Preview

Arrow in the Head’s Summer Horror Movie Preview looks ahead to releases like The Boogeyman, Haunted Mansion, and more

Weekend Box Office: New Releases misfire as Mario retains the top spot

Three new releases failed to make double digits as Mario once again took the top spot.

Star Wars: A New Hope: Revisiting the Biggest Sci-Fi Movie Ever

We kick off our multi-part Star Wars retrospective with the movie that started it all, A New Hope.

Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer: Release Date, Running Time & More

Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer, with Cillian Murphy and an all-star cast, is coming soon. Here’s everything we know.

Poll: Most Anticipated Summer 2023 Release

What movie coming out between May and August 2023 are you most excited about?

The Best Michael Biehn Movies: Our Picks

Michael Biehn is a fan-favorite actor whose performances are often wildly underrated. Here’s a list of our favorite Michael Biehn movies.

Beau Is Afraid actor Armen Nahapetian insists he’s not A.I.

Beau Is Afraid actor Armen Nahapetian has made the announcement that he is indeed not a work of artificial intelligence.

Polite Society Review

The Sundance midnight entry, Polite Society, is a crowd pleasing action-comedy, with two very likeable leads.

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