Rebel Moon Footage: Featurette reveals Zack Snyder’s Sci-Fi epic

Netflix used their Tudum event to showcase the first ever look at some footage from Zack Snyder’s Rebel Moon.

Zack Snyder’s Rebel Moon is being teased as one of Netflix’s most ambitious films of all time, and the first film of the two-part saga is set to hit Netflix on December 22nd, just in time for Christmas. So far, we’ve only gotten bits and pieces of footage, but Snyder used Netflix’s Tudum event to reveal a bit more footage via a behind-the-scenes featurette, which gives us a good idea of the movie’s scale before we get the first full trailer.

Here’s the official synopsis:

Rebel Moon is a Seven Samurai—inspired space epic about a distant galactic colony that comes under threat from the armies of a tyrannical regent named Balisarius. Desperate to survive, they send a young woman (Sofia Boutella) on a mission to find allies that may be able to turn the tide. The film stars a murderer’s row of talent alongside Boutella, including Charlie Hunnam, Djimon Hounsou, Ed Skrein, Michael Huisman, Doona Bae, Ray Fisher, Cary Elwes, Alfonso Herrera, Jena Malone, and Sir Anthony Hopkins as (of course) the voice of sentient battle robot Jimmy.

According to previous reports, Snyder’s Rebel Moon began life as a 174-page script. When Netflix asked that Snyder bring it in under two hours, he made a compromise – being that it would be a two-part epic with a second-half shot simultaneously. Snyder’s putting out two cuts of each film, one being family-friendly and then a harder-edged R-rated cut later. It’s a unique way of releasing a film that, for once, uses Netflix’s distribution model in a way that makes sense. Why not issue various cuts of a movie?

Hopefully, we’ll have a full Rebel Moon trailer soon, but this featurette does whet the appetite.

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