Yellowstone actor says show will have best finale ever

Ian Bohen, who plays rancher Ryan on Yellowstone, says the series finale will be one of the best in TV history.

There are a lot of unanswered questions for fans going into the final season of Yellowstone, most of which don’t even revolve around last year’s mid-season cliffhanger. Instead, it’s the behind-the-scenes turmoil, conflicts and negotiations that have led the headlines. Whatever comes of all of it – and whether or not Kevin Costner is on board – is still unknown, but we’re still looking forward to how it will conclude. And according to one of the supporting players on Yellowstone, Ian Bohen, the remaining episodes will lead up to a finale for the ages.

Ian Bohen, who plays ranch hand Ryan, told Entertainment Tonight that Yellowstone devotees will be witness to one of the greatest finales in television history. “The fans are going to get the [best] conclusion that could possibly be written. Everything will land in a way that is perfectly set. A lot of shows just kind of finish…and they don’t satisfy you. This will be completed in a way that it will make sense.”

While Bohen didn’t go into exactly what that means, he did continue to build up the Yellowstone finale by saying, “I don’t know that any show has finished this strongly ever. We’re expecting to have the best series finale in history. Overconfident maybe, but I think that’s what it’s going to be. We thank everyone for their patience… It’ll be worth the wait, I promise.”

That’s a Montana-sized promise right there, especially since so much is up in the air with Kevin Costner. Then again, does Yellowstone need John Dutton to achieve a memorable finale or has the show built enough with the other characters to make do without the patriarch?

Yellowstone obviously has a major following and so has a lot to live up to for its series finale, especially if one of its cast members is hyping it up that much. What do they want to see? What do they want to come of the power struggle? Who do they want to come out on top in the feud between Beth and Jamie? Whatever the finale presents, it better hit just the right note if it’s going to make good on Bohen’s word.

For Yellowstone to pull off its finale, it’s going to need to tie up a lot of loose ends. But the writing has been strong for the show’s run so far, so hopefully the drama behind the camera doesn’t interfere and Taylor Sheridan can do it justice.

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